Which drugs can whiten

Is the whitening effect of traditional Chinese medicine really good? For everyone, it is necessary to pay more attention to how to whiten. The whitening methods of traditional Chinese medicine must not be missed. In life, diet whitening is the most simple and convenient whitening method. So what kind of diet can help whitening? Today Xiaobian will introduce you four dietary whitening methods. I hope it will help you.

Appropriate amount of tomato, cucumber, lemon and fresh rose petals. After washing, press them together to extract juice, and then add honey. Drink at any time. Tomatoes and cucumbers are rich in vitamin C and glutathione (a peptide composed of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine, which plays an important role in activating some biological enzymes and biological redox processes). Lemon is rich in citric acid. Drinking this juice often can promote skin metabolism, eliminate pigment precipitation, and make skin red, greasy, white and tender. This prescription is more effective for dark yellow complexion caused by metabolic dysfunction.

Wash 10g ginseng, 25g tremella and wash it after foaming. Boil one egg and peel it. Put the three flavors together in water and cook for 2 hours at low heat. After cooling, add honey to eat. Ginseng and Tremella contain a variety of amino acids, vitamin C, saponins and other nutrients. Regular consumption can promote the smoothness of subcutaneous capillaries, inhibit pigmentation, and make your face white, tender and ruddy. This prescription is more applicable to the dark yellow complexion caused by functional disorder.

100g of Japonica Rice and 50g of mung beans, wash them out, add water to boil them into porridge, add pig liver tablets (100g amount) before taking them out of the pot, and serve them three times a day after the pig liver is cooked and rotten. This prescription has the effect of clearing away heat and nourishing blood, cleaning skin and removing yellowness, and is applicable to the sallow complexion caused by blood deficiency and weak Qi.

10g ginseng is fried in water, 50g Chinese yam is peeled and cut into pieces, 10 red dates are washed, 50g pork lean is chopped, 100g millet is washed, and boiled into porridge together. Take one dose daily. This prescription has the functions of benefiting qi and blood, pleasing color and enriching muscle, and is applicable to the dark yellow complexion caused by weak spleen, blood deficiency and insufficient yuan Qi.

If you are asking how to beauty, the answer must be freckle first. Chinese medicine freckle removal is the best freckle removal method. It is not easy to rebound from internal regulation and external cultivation. Do you want to know what methods Chinese medicine freckle removal has? Let me recommend some methods for you.

Radix Rehmanniae and traditional Chinese medicine freckle removal

15 grams of cooked land, 10 grams of Cornus, fried Cortex Moutan, 12 grams of Poria cocos, 30 grams of Chinese yam, 3 grams of cohosh, Rhizoma Paeoniae, asarum and Morinda officinalis, and 10 grams of licorice. Take it in water, one dose a day, two times a day. Efficacy: this prescription is applicable to freckles caused by kidney yin deficiency.

peach blossom, winter melon seeds, Chinese herbal freckling

Peach blossom, wax gourd kernel, and appropriate amount of honey. Dry the peach blossoms in the shade, grind them into fine powder, remove the shells of wax gourd seeds, grind them into powder, add honey to mix well, apply this honey to the face at night, wash them every morning, once a day. Efficacy: this prescription regulates Qi and promotes blood circulation, moistens and nourishes freckles, and is effective for freckles.

Rhizoma Aconiti leucorrhizae is used to remove freckles with traditional Chinese medicine

60 grams of buffalo horn, 30 grams of Cimicifuga, notopterygium and Fangfeng, 15 grams of aconite and Angelica dahurica, 30 grams of raw land, 15 grams of chuanxiong, safflower and Scutellaria baicalensis, and 6 grams of raw licorice. Methods: grind each medicine into fine powder, steam it, make it into small pills, take 10g every night, and deliver it with warm boiled water. This prescription can dispel wind and clear heat, cool blood and disperse blood, and is effective in treating freckles.

Whitening is inseparable from blood replenishment. Especially for MM who want to have a simple skin color, what are the ways to replenish blood and whiten? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you the use of Chinese medicine blood nourishing porridge to whiten and protect your skin.

Red jujube porridge: after washing the rice, add several clean red jujubes, add appropriate water, cook until thick, and then eat.

Pig liver porridge: take 150g of pig liver, wash and cut it into small pieces, put 100g of washed japonica rice, add proper amount of water, and put onion, ginger, salt and other condiments into it, and cook it into porridge.

Chicken soup porridge: take a hen, remove the hair, cut and wash it, add appropriate amount of water to fry into a thick soup for standby. Take 100g of original chicken soup, add 100g of washed japonica rice, add a proper amount of water to cook porridge, boil it over high fire, and boil it over low fire.

Peanut beef tendon porridge: take 80g of beef tendon, wash it, cut it into small pieces, put it into a casserole together with 80g of peanut rice and 100g of washed glutinous rice, add a proper amount of water to cook the porridge until the tendons are ripe and the rice is boiled and the soup is thick.

Wash glutinous rice of donkey hide gelatin porridge, cook it in the pot, add a proper amount of donkey hide gelatin, and add brown sugar after it dissolves. Then serve.

Spinach porridge: take 100-150g of fresh spinach with roots, wash it, tear it open by hand, 100g of Japonica rice, put it into a casserole, add 800ml of water, cook until the rice is rotten and the soup is thick, and then eat it.

conclusion : the whitening porridge and whitening drugs in Chinese medicine can be tried properly. After all, fair skin will win the envy of others. The freckle removing power of Chinese medicine can not be ignored. Spots have always been one of the most difficult skin problems. If you want to completely eliminate these spots, you must try the above Chinese medicine freckle removing methods.

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