How to keep away from dull skin and how to care for white skin

In fact, it is really necessary to maintain good skin in life. How to take care of your body is very important. Whitening is a course that girls want to pursue in their lives. They have made a lot of efforts and efforts on the road of whitening, but the results are still unsatisfactory. So, how should the whitening work be carried out? Often, white and tight skin will make you instantly add points to beauty. Let’s have a look!

Today, Xiaobian will teach you six whitening methods from the inside out. When you master them completely, you will have white skin!

I. honey whitening method

Honey has become an indispensable food in life, whether used as food to drink or as a facial mask to protect skin, it is very beneficial to human body. More and more beauties choose honey as the raw material for beauty. Honey contains a variety of rich nutrients, which can give skin a variety of nutrients and make skin more tender and smooth. The so-called honey facial mask is actually more than honey. In fact, it can also play a more detailed role in beautifying the skin when paired with other substances that are conducive to beautifying the skin. And honey and egg white can greatly double the whitening effect.

Take 30g of honey and an egg white, mix them evenly, put them in a clean bottle, apply them to your face before going to bed every day, gently massage them, and then clean them after natural air drying, which can play a very significant skin care effect of whitening and wrinkle removal.

II. Green Tea Whitening Method

Green tea is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, which play a very important role in caring for the skin. It also contains special ingredients that can decompose melanin in the skin and tighten the skin. Therefore, you can usually brew more green tea to drink. If you stick to it for a long time, your skin will become more white and beautiful. The green tea leaves after drinking can also be kept in the refrigerator to apply to your eyes to alleviate problems such as dark circles and bags under your eyes.

III. olive oil whitening method

Olive oil is very useful. It contains rich vitamin E and is also a natural beauty and health care product. Regular consumption of olive oil can improve the problems of dark yellow and rough skin, and make the skin brighter and whiter from the inside out.

IV. yogurt whitening method

Most beauties like to drink yogurt, which is sour, sweet and easy to absorb. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is a very good moisturizing factor, which can quickly improve various skin problems and make skin white quickly.

Take an appropriate amount of yogurt and egg white, mix them evenly, apply them to your face, and you will feel smooth instantly. Once a week, you can make your skin tender, white and red.

v. banana whitening method

Banana is a very delicious fruit with rich nutrition. Eating bananas often can alleviate the skin problems caused by computer radiation faced by office workers for a long time.

Take a banana, mash it, and then apply it to your face. After it is dried, wash it with water. Banana whitening facial mask once a week can make your skin smooth and transparent. You love beauty, try it quickly!

VI. cucumber whitening method

Cucumber has been used as an example of cucumber beauty since ancient times. Cut cucumbers into thin pieces and apply them evenly on the face, so that the moisture of cucumbers can be fully absorbed on the face, thus having the dual effects of moisturizing, whitening and wrinkle removing.

Warm tip: spring is coming, and the skin will also undergo subtle changes. If you use the above six whitening methods, you can no longer stop the smooth and white skin!

The topic of facial whitening is talked about every year. Everyone wants to have white skin, but it is not easy to have white skin. We must start with what kind of skin we belong to and what kind of whitening level we are in. Only in this way can we achieve true facial whitening, because different skin types have different whitening care.

the first skin type: oily

Features: this kind of skin has serious oil on the face and is prone to acne. It is usually in oil but lacks water.

Facial whitening method: oil-free skin care products should be used to provide sufficient nutrients for the skin without increasing the burden on the skin, while gambling on pores.

Whitening advice: use whitening skin care products twice a day. Oil control skin care products and sunscreen can be used during the day. In order to prevent the formation of melanin, whitening essence can be used at night to repair daily skin damage and provide nutrition for the skin.

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