Nine important factors for whitening skin

Now people’s skin color preference is that the whiter the better, but what kind of white can you be satisfied with? In fact, you only need to be a little whiter than others. Being too white makes you look unhealthy, which is not what people really like. It’s not that hard to be whiter than others.

1. The face is the reaction of life status.

Fair and transparent skin is an intuitive reflection of health and psychological status. Therefore, unhealthy living habits such as staying up late, partial eating, smoking and drinking will certainly be shown on the face. Of course, it’s best to avoid it. If it can’t be changed, you must insist on using whitening products in a more comprehensive and long-term way!

2. DNA cannot be changed by whitening products

Freckles caused by genetic effects and endocrine spots are not problems that can be solved by whitening products, so you need to go to a professional doctor. However, whitening and Concealer products can also help you quickly restore healthy and beautiful skin tone during or after treatment.

3. Sun umbrella, sun hat, large Sunglasses… None can be less

In addition to the rainy season, it’s best to be ready for use at any time. If you want to stay white, don’t be afraid of trouble or make people feel “delicate”. Besides the whitening effect, avoiding direct sunlight on your face can also prevent wrinkles formed by blinding and involuntary squinting and prevent cataracts.

4. Don’t be confused by temperature.

The intensity of ultraviolet rays is not proportional to the heat. In particular, we should guard against high altitude or high latitude areas where the air is cool, crisp and dry. The ultraviolet rays there are much stronger than those in humid areas.

5. Happiness makes you more beautiful

Keep your mood happy, and it’s best to always be in the same mood as in love. Science has proved that emotional fluctuations and stress will lead to more melanin production and excessive accumulation.

6. Stay away from hormone drugs

Avoid using drugs containing estrogen, especially ointment for external use, because estrogen can promote the formation of melanin.

7. Sunscreen is a must all year round

Unless you don’t care not only about whiteness, but also wrinkles and looseness. Sunlight is the main source of ultraviolet rays. It can be said that developing the habit of using sunscreen products every day is more effective than any whitening product. At the same time, it can also solve the skin aging problems caused by ultraviolet rays in the sun, such as dark skin and loose skin.

8. Only when you eat healthy can you have healthy whiteness.

Regardless of the actual effect of whitening, drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E are beneficial and harmless to beauty and health. If you can eat more, eat more. As for “photosensitive” vegetables such as celery, coriander and white radish, it is better to eat less with the attitude of “preferring to believe in them” or eat them at night.

9. Be aware that ultraviolet rays are everywhere

Light has penetration and reflection ability. Glass curtain wall, water surface, light cement ground, snow and other planes can reflect most of the ultraviolet rays to the parts that you do not protect well.

The above nine methods, in general, tell you that skin whitening is all-round. I want to look whiter and more beautiful than others. Not only do we need all kinds of whitening methods, but we also need to persevere, so that one day you will find that you are the whitest one in the crowd.

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