6 tips to keep you away from dark yellow skin

Although modern women like to use all kinds of make-up, these make-up can only cover the defects of the face and can not improve the skin. If the make-up is removed, many problems of the face still exist, especially the problem of dark yellow skin. For this problem, only by changing your diet can you improve the dark yellow skin!

how to eat it every day can regulate the dark yellow skin

Instead of constantly using a variety of skin care products to regulate your skin tone every day, it is better to change your eating habits, which will have a good effect!

drink more brown sugar water

Brown sugar is an essential food for women, but women usually drink it before and after their menstrual periods. In fact, in addition to drinking brown sugar water during this period, Xiaobian suggests that women should drink it every day. There are many effects of drinking this water regularly. For women, it can replenish blood and regulate the dark yellow skin of women.

It is not necessary to drink more than one cup of brown sugar water every day. You can drink 2-3 cups of brown sugar, and keep a small spoon of brown sugar each time. If you want to drink brown sugar water to regulate your skin tone, you must persist in drinking it for a long time, not intermittently.

eat a handful of peanuts

Peanuts are men’s favorite, especially when drinking alcohol, they like to eat them together with peanuts, but women can often eat this food. In fact, peanuts also have the effect of regulating dark yellow skin. Most women pay great attention to health preservation, and also listen to some rumors on the Internet, including the consumption of peanuts.

As for how much peanuts you should eat every day, you don’t have to listen to the online saying that you should eat a few peanuts. As long as you eat a handful of peanuts every day, you can not only improve your own skin, but also benefit the human body.

eat more hot food

In colder seasons, people like to eat hotter food, but they prefer cold food in summer. In fact, eating cold food often is also one of the reasons for dark yellow skin. According to the survey data, more than 80% of women tend to have a cold constitution. If they eat cold food for a long time, the cold in their bodies will increase.

The cold in the body is not only easy to make your health different, but also make your skin color worse. Therefore, even in hot summer, you should eat hot food, especially breakfast. In fact, hot food can be eaten in the morning. Eating hot soymilk, porridge, steamed stuffed bun, noodles and so on every morning is a good choice. It can not only protect the health of the stomach, but also dispel cold, and regulate the dark yellow skin.

eat more vegetables

Eating vegetables often is good for your health, because vegetables contain more vitamins and other nutrients, especially vitamin C and iron, which are the key to regulating skin color. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that you should eat more vegetables containing these two substances, which is a very good choice.

When eating vegetables, Xiaobian hopes that you should also pay attention to the properties of vegetables. After all, the properties of each kind of vegetables are different. Try to avoid eating cool vegetables, which is also beneficial to your own intestines and stomach. You must remember this!

drink more soup

Almost every household will eat some soup when eating every day, but for the special season of summer, people prefer to drink some light soups, such as winter melon soup and loofah soup. In addition to these soups, Xiaobian suggests that women with dark yellow skin should drink more soup with tonic effect.

There are many tonic soups. Here Xiaobian recommends that you can eat black chicken soup. When cooking this soup, you can add some dates and longan with tonic effect in an appropriate amount. In this way, the effect of the soup will double, and it will be more beneficial to the human body. As long as you persist in eating it for a long time, your face color will be conditioned!

drink milk in moderation

The living conditions of modern people are getting better and better. Milk has generally become a must drink for people every day. In fact, drinking milk can not only supplement calcium, but also regulate the skin color. While drinking milk, you can apply a small amount of milk to your face for a while and then wash it off. This can also make your skin white and tender.

For women with dark yellow skin, you can try drinking some milk in an appropriate amount every day to regulate their skin tone, but Xiaobian suggests that women should drink it at night, because it also has the effect of promoting sleep, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. However, Xiaobian still wants to remind all female friends that it is best to eat something to cushion before drinking milk. If you drink it on an empty stomach, it is very harmful to your own intestines and stomach.

conclusion: most women are not worried about dark circles under their eyes, pouches under their eyes, and pimples, but worry about dark yellow skin. Regulating dark yellow skin is not to use various skin care products, but to change their unreasonable eating habits. Therefore, in the above content, Xiaobian mainly tells you how to eat every day can improve the dark yellow skin.

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