How to improve the dark yellow complexion? Peach blossoms with red faces should be maintained like this

One white covers all ugliness, and the other black destroys everything. Girls’ skin color is not good, dark yellow and rough, which makes people look really poor in spirit, and even has a sense of vicissitudes that should not be present at this age. You should adjust your skin color well. Not only should we rely on nutritious and moisturizing skin care products, but also dietary supplements can help you change your skin tone and make your face ruddy and shiny. How can I get a good complexion by taking supplements? If you often eat the following recipes for beauty and touch up, the dark yellow embarrassment of your skin will gradually disappear.

1. Moisturizing hawthorn tea

Hawthorn has excellent health care effects, which can effectively reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, calm, diuresis and relax blood vessels. Drinking hawthorn tea often can promote ruddy complexion and improve dark yellow and rough complexion. Prepare five hawthorn, a small amount of honey and purified water, clean the hawthorn, cut it into small pieces, cook it with purified water, cook it, and add a small amount of honey to taste it when eating. Drink a small bowl of hawthorn tea every day, and your dark yellow skin color will be improved soon.

2. High vitamin fruit and vegetable juice

In order to improve the rough and dark yellow skin color through dietary supplements, beauties can eat more fruits and vegetables with high vitamins. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and vitamin E can promote the metabolism of the skin, effectively improve the dark complexion, and make the skin white, tender and transparent quickly. In particular, they have an excellent alleviating effect on the dark yellow skin caused by the metabolic disorder in the body.

Prepare a tomato, half a cucumber, half a lemon and a small amount of honey, clean the tomato, cut it into small pieces, and set aside; Clean the cucumber, peel it, cut it into small pieces and set aside; Peel the lemon and cut it into small pieces. Put all the materials into the juicer for juicing. After squeezing, add a little honey to taste and drink. A cup of high vitamin fruit and vegetable juice every day can make your face more ruddy and shiny.

3. Tender corn porridge

Corn is a food rich in vitamin E, which is an essential nutrient element for maintaining skin elasticity and brightening skin tone. Beauties can improve their dark yellow skin tone by eating corn often. Eat corn porridge often, which is not only nutritious and digestible, but also effective in moistening the skin.

Prepare an appropriate amount of corn kernels and rice, wash the rice, put it into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and then add the cleaned corn kernels, cook them together into porridge, and then drink them. Meimei can choose fresh corn kernels to cook porridge, while the milled corn aleurone is not as high in vitamin E content as fresh corn kernels. A bowl of corn porridge every day can gradually produce smooth and tender skin and fully improve the dark yellow and rough skin.

two good dietetic habits for improving skin color

1. Drink plenty of water. In the case of water shortage inside the body, the skin must be very dark and yellow. Water shortage inside the body will not only affect the metabolism of the body, but also the metabolism of the skin. If the metabolism of the skin is blocked, the skin color will not be very good. Therefore, beauties should drink more water every day, at least eight glasses of water, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to effectively maintain a healthy skin tone.

2. Drink some red wine properly. Red wine has the effect of health care and moisturizing. Drinking some red wine in moderation at ordinary times will help improve skin tone and promote ruddy complexion. If it is matched with red wine facial mask, the moisturizing effect will be better.

Staying at home and looking for beauty is actually very simple. With a little condiment in the kitchen, it can be captured naturally, safely and economically. This little condiment is edible salt.

first, control oil with salt – drive away the oily light

Being oily is a thorny problem for many women. In fact, salt degreasing is a good method.

II. Salt brightens the eyes – brighter washing

After cleansing, take an appropriate amount of salt and put it into warm and clear water. After the salt dissolves, immerse your face in light salt water, slowly open your eyes in the water, and move your eyes up, down, left and right to achieve the effect of washing your eyes with light salt water. After washing, your eyes are bright and energetic.

III. salt dispels acne – washing is healthier

Many women are prone to acne on the back. The acne on the back can be treated with salt. When taking a bath, let the body be fully soaked with warm water. After the pores are opened, smear more salt on the acne area, gently massage with a bath brush for about 1 minute, not too hard. Just move the salt between the skin and the brush, then dip a sponge in light salt water, stick it on the back for 10 minutes, and wash it with clean water. Try it when you take a bath. After several times in a row, your acne will obviously improve.

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