How to whiten the skin? Are you doing it right

What are the whitening methods, and how can we better whiten them? Many girls attach great importance to their skin. If they find that their skin is not white, they must be punished. So how can we whiten the skin? What should we pay attention to when whitening the skin? What are the whitening methods on weekdays? Next, let’s go to know with Xiaobian.

what can I use to wash my face to whiten my face?

1. Wash your face with white vinegar

White vinegar is also a way we often use to whiten and clean our face. After the first cleaning, take a basin of clean water, drop 7-8 drops of vinegar into it, mix it with your hands, and then you can wash your face with this white vinegar water. Wash your face with white vinegar before going to bed every day. After a period of time, you will find that your skin is obviously white.

2. Wash your face with tea

Green tea has a very good antioxidant function and a calming effect. It contains vitamin C, which is also a good prescription for whitening. Washing your face with green tea can not only significantly clean your skin, but also have a strong whitening effect. It also has a good effect on sterilization and inflammation of your skin. It is a holy product for skin care and whitening.

3. Wash your face with sugar

White sugar has a cleaning effect and can be used to whiten the skin. When washing the face, clean the face with water first, then add some white sugar to the facial cleanser, rub it on the palm, and mix it evenly with the facial cleanser to clean the facial skin. Because of the cleaning effect of white sugar, the facial skin shows a more white luster.

4. Wash your face with salt

The way of washing face with salt is more suitable for men, because the undissolved particles of salt can help men who love oil to clean their faces, and salt also has a certain whitening effect. It can also whiten their skin when added to facial cleanser.

5. Wash your face with milk

Milk has long been used by Western nobles to wash their faces and bathe, because of its whitening and moisturizing effects, which can gently nourish skin. Before washing your face with milk, wash your face with water first, then take part of the milk and apply it on your face, so that it can slowly moisturize your skin. After more than ten minutes, you can wash your face with water, so that milk can help whiten your skin.

6. Wash your face with mineral water

If you want to make your skin whiter, you can also wash your face with mineral water, which is rich in minerals and good for your skin.

whitening precautions

1. Keep in mind ABCs: foreign skin experts have proposed the basic principles of whitening, moisturizing and maintenance, namely ABCs, a means to stay away from the sun, B means to apply whitening, moisturizing and sunscreen products, C means to wear a hat and hold an umbrella to block out the sun, and s means to tell everyone.

2. Going deep into the base: the key to effective whitening and moisturizing lies in that the whitening and moisturizing nutrients should be absorbed by the skin and penetrate into the base layer of the skin, and gradually release the effective ingredients in the process of penetration, so that the whitening and moisturizing nutrients can play a full role. Otherwise, the efficacy of whitening and moisturizing is almost zero.

3. There is no quick whitening and moisturizing product: professionals stress that they should not doubt the efficacy of whitening and moisturizing products, especially when they have been used for less than two months. The whitening and moisturizing methodology that can really see the effect generally needs 45-60 days. In order to make the skin white and tender, this is a waiting time that is absolutely worth investing in and not too long.

4. Healthy, clean and bright is the highest realm of skin whitening and moisturizing: more and more beauty experts have warned that what we pursue is not pallor but the best realm of skin whitening and moisturizing. We can’t deviate from reality and want to turn our yellow skin into a white skin of Europeans. Remember, the standard of whitening and moisturizing should be a healthy, clean and bright complexion.

5. Whitening and moisturizing + sunscreen is the real whitening and moisturizing: whitening and moisturizing is a deep-seated process, and sunscreen is to protect the skin surface. If a product needs both whitening and moisturizing as well as sunscreen, it is impossible to give full play to their maximum effects at the same time. First apply whitening and moisturizing products, and then apply sunscreen products, which is the basis of whitening and moisturizing skin.

whitening methods

1. When you want to sleep, cut the cucumber thin and put it on your face. Take it off in a few minutes, and your face will be white and tender in a month.

2. Before going to bed, completely soak your face with the cheapest cotton pad and make-up water, apply it to your face for 20 minutes, three times a week, and your skin will be bright and clear!!

3. Drink 2 cups of water every day after getting up, one of which is added with some salt, which can clear the intestines and stomach.

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