The correct way to reduce weight by rubbing the stomach

Now, with the improvement of people’s living standards, they often eat some high-energy food. Coupled with the changes in the working environment, few people often exercise, resulting in many people having large stomachs. Therefore, reducing stomachs has become a dream of many people. However, many people have done so many weight-loss exercises and exercises that they can’t reduce the fat around their waist. In fact, if you want to get rid of the fat around the waist, massage is more effective than exercise. Today, let’s talk about the correct way to lose weight by rubbing the stomach.

The correct way to reduce weight by rubbing the stomach

The abdomen is a place where fat is easy to accumulate. Many men have small bellies and many women have bucket waists. Today, I will teach you four ways to knead the belly to lose weight, which can not only reduce weight, but also promote detoxification and treat constipation.

First of all, we should understand that weight loss is not achieved overnight, and it needs long-term adherence. Of course, tummy rubbing is a good way to lose weight. Because massage can make our intestines and stomach move more smoothly, which is very beneficial to our defecation.

Method 1: place the palm on the abdomen and rub it from both sides of the abdomen to the middle of the abdomen. When rubbing, the hands must fully touch the whole waist, and then close to the waist. Continuously massage the waist in a staggered manner until the temperature of the waist gradually rises. Do it for 5 minutes every day, and then switch to other massage methods.

Method 2: put the thumbs of both hands together and massage the bottom and outside with the back of the hands as the axis. When massaging, massage both hands outward, and do fan-shaped massage at the waist and below the waist. Until the skin gets hot, keep it for five minutes every day.

Method 3: place the palms of both hands alternately at the waist or below the waist and gently tap. You can gently tap the waist with your fingers, and then turn your palm to the lower waist for massage. At the same time, the other hand starts a new round at the same time.

Method 4: place the thumbs of both hands at an angle of 45 degrees with other thumbs on the waist, and then massage from both sides of the body to the spine. During the massage, the palms will gently accumulate some fat around the waist, and then gradually close the fingertips when massaging the spine.

For kneading belly weight loss method, we must insist on doing it for a long time to get results. There is no point in fishing for three days and drying the net for two days. In addition, to lose weight, we must maintain a reasonable diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less fatty food, and ensure adequate sleep. As long as we persist, the results will be obvious.

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