What can you eat to whiten your skin quickly?

The whiteness and whitening of skin is what everyone wants. Then you know that if you want to whiten, in addition to using a variety of whitening products, you can also try to achieve the effect through diet. Today, what I want to introduce to female friends is food with whitening effect. Come and see what there are.

women eat these nine foods for whitening


Cherry contains two nutrients needed for whitening skin, carotene and vitamin C. Therefore, if you want to whiten, you should eat more cherries to supplement nutrients.

bean sprouts

Bean sprouts have a lot of nutritional value, including vitamins A, C, e and proteins that have a great whitening effect on the skin. It can effectively remove black spots and achieve whitening effect.


Whitening with cucumber is the most common way for female friends. Cucumber contains a lot of fruit acid. This is a kind of pigment that can clean the black spots and other pigments on the surface of the skin, and the most important is the nutrient for whitening the skin. Therefore, eating more cucumbers can whiten and beautify your face.


Tomatoes are a common food. They contain vitamins, minerals, organic acids and proteins. Tomatoes can not only make you have a perfect figure, but also make your skin turn from black to white, as white as a newborn baby. So it’s right to eat more tomatoes.


Honey is a natural whitening product, which can be used internally or externally. External use is to wash your face with honey, which can greatly enhance the vitality of your skin, avoid the accumulation of melanin, and prevent dry skin. Internal use is the common honey water. Honey contains oxygen free radicals, which specifically clear the garbage left in the human body, so it can reduce the occurrence of color spots and wrinkles. Drinking regularly can make your skin smoother.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is especially rich in vitamin C, so eating sweet potato often can not only whiten, but also effectively reduce cholesterol.


Pineapple is rich in vitamin C, which can not only fade facial color spots, but also promote skin metabolism and make skin appear healthy and whitening.


Peach is rich in fruit acid, which has the effect of moisturizing and whitening, preventing pigmentation, promoting blood circulation, and making the face white and rosy.


It can regulate the pH of blood and prevent oil production. According to the book of origin, pork has the effect of “nourishing the liver and blood for those who are refined”. According to the Diet Manual of suixiju, kelp has “the effect of curing thin tumors, ulcers, carbuncle and gangrene, fistula and hemorrhoids on the outside”. Therefore, spareribs with kelp stew can relieve the pain of patients suffering from systemic or local skin itching mainly on the limbs, and can also remove spots and whiten.

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