What are the tips for keeping your skin from turning black

Taking good care of your skin is something everyone should do, and everyone will not refuse to whiten your skin. Then how to care for your skin, how to keep your skin white and shiny, and whether the white skin that you have worked hard to cultivate in winter will be destroyed in one fell swoop. Don’t be discouraged, follow the seven skin care tips, and stick to the same black!

I. use sunscreen products

If you don’t do a good job in sunscreen, other maintenance work will be in vain. Ultraviolet rays of sunlight are the main cause of skin aging, including wrinkles, relaxation, lack of elasticity, uneven skin texture and uneven skin color. Please use full wave band sunscreen that can prevent UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation damage every day.

2. Remember to reapply sunscreen at any time.

Sunscreen products do not have the effect of all-weather non shedding; In fact, sunlight will weaken the sunscreen ingredients and neutralize their sunscreen effect. Please apply sunscreen to your face and body every two hours (such as outdoor activities at the seaside) to four hours (general working environment).

III. supplement antioxidants

Antioxidants can neutralize environmental pollutants, ultraviolet rays and harmful free radicals generated by general skin metabolism.

IV. choose cleaning products carefully

Choose cleaning products with mild exfoliation or antioxidant ingredients. Because cleaning products containing antioxidant ingredients can wash away old and waste horniness, start the skin repair process, and prepare the skin for absorbing other skin care products.

v. good sleep at night

Sleep at night is a good opportunity for skin to heal and repair the damage caused by environmental stressors. When the body gets a rest, the skin will begin to regenerate and eliminate the toxins accumulated that day. Make sure you have a good beauty sleep every day!

VI. moisturizing, moisturizing and rehydrating

Skin is the guardian of human body against external invasion, which can protect us from environmental invasion factors, regulate body temperature and maintain internal and external balance.

VII. Emotion management

Relaxation. The degree of stress the human body bears is closely related to the health of the skin. Stress can cause skin breakouts, worsen eczema and psoriasis, and make the skin poor. If you manage your stress level well, you will have bright and healthy skin.

conclusion: sunscreen must be done well. Healthy care is needed. Do you know how to maintain your skin. The moisturizing work of the skin can not be stopped, especially in summer, when the skin is dry, the skin at the top layer will be damaged, resulting in sensitivity, itching and uneven skin texture.

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