How to do abdominal shaping training? Teach you how to do abdominal shaping training

Abdominal training is to train the muscles of the waist and abdomen, which can make the waist and abdomen tight, flat and full of lines. So, how to shape the abdomen? Correctly mastering the method of losing abdominal fat will help you get rid of abdominal fat quickly.

Supine alternating leg lifting

This movement is more suitable for female friends. Compared with the most common belly rolling or strength training, this movement is much less difficult. Just lie on your back, with your back close to the ground or on the sports mat. Extend your arms fully to your sides, palms down.
It should be noted that the arms should be kept stationary during the whole exercise process, the knees should be slightly bent, the legs should be lifted, the feet should be about 15 cm away from the ground, the abdomen should be tightened, and the upper body should be relaxed; Raise your right leg and lower your left leg with abdominal strength, switch the movements, and then alternate. Pay attention to keep breathing evenly.

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Supine and knee flexion
This action is more difficult than supine alternating leg lifting. Lie on your back on the mat, with your feet on the ground and your legs bent at 45 degrees. Place your hands in front of your chest or gently on both sides of your head. Keep your abdomen in a contracted state. Move your legs and head towards your abdomen at the same time and tighten them. When your legs and head are close to each other, stay for about 1-3 seconds, then slowly return to the initial position and stop when your shoulders and feet touch the ground. One thing to pay attention to when doing this action is that the head should not touch the ground.

Bicycle belly rolling exercise
The last one is the most difficult, and it is suitable for both boys and girls. When doing the action, lie flat on the ground, straighten your right leg, lift your left knee to your chest, and put your hands behind your head, with your right elbow close to your left knee. Twist your whole body until your right elbow completely touches your left knee. Then change your legs to your left elbow, and do the same exercise. The whole action is like pedaling a bicycle in the air. You only need to change sides. You can feel your abdomen in a fully contracted state, that is, the action is done in place.

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