The fastest way to thin the stomach is to exercise. What exercise can thin the stomach in a short time

Belly fat is the pain point for most people to lose weight. If you want to lose the meat on your belly, you need to exercise your belly. This article mainly provides and introduces several sports actions aimed at reducing the fat on the stomach.

Belly fat is the pain point for most people to lose weight. Although many people know that exercise can reduce weight, they have not found the right way, so the effect of weight loss is not obvious. After a period of exercise, many people find that the meat on their stomachs has not disappeared, and they begin to doubt the effectiveness of exercise. In fact, if you want to lose weight for a certain part, you need to exercise targeted. If you want to thin your belly, you need some special movements for your belly. Ordinary exercise can’t do that.

To effectively achieve the effect of thin stomach, you can try the following groups of sports actions. These movements can be completed as a complete set of movements. If you can’t persist, you can choose one or two of them and repeat them several times to achieve the same effect.

The first action is the plank support jump. When doing this exercise, you should support your arms and toes on the floor, keep your back straight, keep your feet together, and then jump out.

The second movement is to lie on your back and raise your legs. This action requires the body to lie flat on the ground with both hands open. When opening, the arms should be close to the floor, and the legs should be kept at 90 degrees without bending. Otherwise, the ideal effect will not be achieved. Then repeatedly straighten the leg and then put it down.

The third movement is prone to lift the knee. Before starting, you must maintain the motion of flat support, and then do the motion of pedaling the bicycle with both legs.

The fourth movement is the Russian spin. This is what most people who lose weight know. Put your hands together, rotate to both sides, and then hang your feet in the air to increase the force point of your abdomen to achieve better results.

The fifth movement is supine, rotation and leg lifting. First, lie on your back, lift your legs and push forward, then rotate left and right, and draw a circle in the direction of your toes.

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