Less contact lenses when looking at computers

But staring at the screen for a long time can easily cause eye fatigue or visual damage. “Computer users” can often be heard complaining about dry eyes, burning heat, heavy eyelids, eye pain, headache, temporary blurred vision, and even elevated intraocular pressure in serious cases.

Therefore, “computer users” should pay special attention to eye hygiene.

When working with a computer, the number of blinks per minute is reduced to 6 due to excessive concentration, which will lead to reduced tear secretion and deterioration of tear components, so that the cornea can not be wetted all the time, and then the whole surface of the eyeball will be dry, the conjunctiva will be congested, and the cornea will be damaged.

For those who wear contact lenses, the consequences may be more serious. Contact lenses are made of polymer materials, which have poor oxygen permeability, which will hinder the eyes from breathing oxygen directly and cause anoxia of the cornea. Facing the computer for a long time, the tear secretion itself has become less, and wearing contact lenses will make things worse. If you do not develop good hygiene habits at this time, it is more likely to cause keratitis and corneal ulcer, and even blepharospasm in serious cases, which will eventually affect your vision.

Therefore, first of all, every 1-2 hours of work, I have to rest for 15 minutes, close my eyes or look into the distance. Secondly, the computer operation should be kept at a distance of more than 60 cm, and the line of sight should be about 30 degrees downward. Do not operate continuously.

Again, adjust the height of the monitor to relax the eye muscles. Pay attention to maintaining the image quality and clarity of the screen. Finally, the office environment should be ventilated and humid, and the light should be soft. Of course, once the symptoms of eye fatigue are very serious, it is necessary to choose appropriate eye drops and artificial tears with the help of a specialist to fully moisturize the eyes.

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