5 precautions for safe freckle removal what are the 5 precautions for safe freckle removal

Having a clean and flawless face has always been the goal of beauty lovers, but annoying color spots are so dazzling and become an unspeakable pain in women’s hearts. Nowadays, there are many ways to remove freckles. Many women who love beauty even go to the doctor in a hurry to get rid of freckles, but they don’t realize that freckles will hurt their skin instead. So how can we achieve safe freckle removal?

1。 Sunscreen

Excessive sunlight exposure or X-ray and ultraviolet radiation can promote and aggravate color spots, and even fluorescent lamps for indoor lighting can aggravate color spots due to excitation of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, we should try our best to avoid long-term sunlight, especially in summer, and we must do a good job in anti ultraviolet protection.

2。 Keep away from radiant appliances

Glass bulb display screen, various fluorescent lamps, X-ray machines, ultraviolet irradiators, etc. these adverse stimuli can produce consequences similar to strong sunlight exposure, and even greater than the damage caused by sunlight exposure. As a result, color spots will be aggravated. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid contacting such electrical appliances as much as possible.

3。 Be careful with traumatic freckle treatment

Although freezing, laser, electric ion, strong acid and alkali and other corrosive substances can achieve immediate effects, improper operation can easily cause skin damage and even disfigurement.

4。 Avoid toxic substances

Avoid using “quick acting freckle cream” containing hormones, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, because there are too many side effects, and excessive use can cause serious damage to the skin.

5。 Resist irritating food

Irritating food is easy to cause skin aging. In particular, the more you eat coffee, cola, strong tea, cigarettes, alcohol, etc., the faster your skin will age, causing melanin molecules to float on the surface of your skin, expanding and darkening black spots.

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