Four limitations of fruit acid skin exchange and freckle removal

There are many ways to remove freckles. In the past, they were all dietetic methods or natural Chinese medicine. With the continuous development of science and technology, the methods of freckle removal are also changing with each passing day, such as laser freckle removal, photon freckle removal and fruit acid skin replacement. Freckle removing cosmetics, freckle removing cream, Concealer cream, etc. Although some methods remove freckles faster, there are also some limitations.

Limitations of fruit acid skin exchange and freckle removal:

1。 Passivity: it is to eliminate the color spots and pigments that have been produced, rather than to make the body no longer produce such substances.

2。 Local: it is mainly for facial whitening and spot removal, which can not meet people’s needs for whole-body whitening and spot removal. The current spa is just for the whole-body whitening, and its price is relatively expensive, which is unaffordable to ordinary people.

3。 Short term: because it does not fundamentally inhibit the body from producing color spots and pigmentation.

4。 Action: fruit acid skin exchange and spot removal can remove spots located in the superficial layer of skin epidermis, but it has no effect on pigment spots located in the deep layer of skin epidermis (basal layer) or dermis.

Tips: fruit acid skin replacement and freckle removal

The selected fruit acid is the natural acid extracted from fruit. Generally, the low concentration fruit acid formula below 10% can moisturize the skin and make the skin delicate and elastic; Higher than 20% of the fruit acid makes the aging cells in the outer layer of the skin easy to fall off, and promotes the proliferation of collagen fibers and collagen in the dermis, which can achieve the effect of whitening and removing spots. The use of fruit acid for skin exchange and freckle removal requires high aseptic control; Secondly, due to the use of high concentration of fruit acid, it will inevitably damage the cuticle of the skin, reduce the function of the skin to resist external aggression, and cause excessive loss of skin moisture, which is very easy to age.

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