Women’s nine thoughts are most hated by men

1. A very emotional woman

Such a woman can easily get excited when it’s sunny and stormy. If she has a big fight with her husband, it’s easy to make mistakes. Such a woman can easily commit herself to other men.

2. Lonely woman

Living apart from each other for a long time and being single for a long time, and having a wife at home alone, those days were really hard. Many women committed themselves to other men just because they could not bear the pain of loneliness.

3. A woman with a strong desire for revenge

The husband did something sorry for himself. Some women with strong personality can’t stand it. If you can make the first day of junior high school, I can make the fifteenth day. Out of revenge, I commit myself to other men. Some women can’t sort it out at once. Most of these women end up in tragedy.

4. A broken woman

Some people have lost their virginity in love and have been raped. They are despised by society and hostile to men and society, so they simply break the jar.

5. Women with strong vanity

There are many women with strong vanity in life. Seeing that all the women around wear gold and silver, they feel itchy. But they are poor. What should we do? If at this time, such as Deng Qin, a rich and playful man is seduced, there are few who will not fall for the bait. Vanity can completely destroy almost all the defences of a woman.

6. Women without ideas

A woman without an idea is very easy to do bad things and make mistakes. Between material temptation and personal morality, if she doesn’t have an idea, how can she not fail!

7. Too poor a woman

The society is more and more developed, and there are more and more rich people. Everyone is afraid of poverty, not only because of poverty and suffering, but also because people’s self-esteem and face can’t stand it. There is a folk saying: laugh at poverty but not prostitution. Because of this, many girls have left their homes and come to other places to start working as ladies and selling laughter.

8. A woman afraid of hardship

In my career, there are still many such women. Many of the so-called lovers, mistresses, Xiaomi and miss are women who are afraid of hardship.

9. Women with official desires

There is a folk saying that a victorious woman must have a strong man behind her. A woman without family and social background has strong official desire. If she wants to climb up, she must rely on the strength of men, but you have to pay a price.

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