What should we pay attention to in daily skin care and whitening? 5 whitening knowledge you need to know

Skin whitening is the wish of many women, but it is difficult to change the natural skin color, and whitening is not effective in a short time. Whitening is not that simple. You need to know the relevant whitening knowledge. The following experts will introduce the relevant knowledge of whitening to you. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

Is there a shortcut to whitening? Whitening is a gradual process, there is no shortcut.

Generally speaking, after starting the whitening and skin care program, the fastest time to feel the whitening effect is 6 weeks.

If someone said that he could make you white at once, if it wasn’t for adding special effects, then hormones and heavy metals were added.

Whitening starts in summer? Try not to start your whitening project in summer.

In summer, don’t put too high a demand on yourself. It’s not easy to do a good job of sunscreen and avoid getting sunburned.

Sunscreen in summer? Whitening needs to pay attention to sunscreen all year round, not only in summer.

The intensity of ultraviolet rays, especially in the UVA section, is still very strong in winter.

The damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin is cumulative. If you don’t pay attention, the cumulative damage will affect your whitening.

In addition, sunscreen products should also be used when using sunshades outside.

Is playing whitening needle the best way to whiten? Those who are in urgent need of whitening can only go to a professional beauty salon for whitening injections or do fruit acid skin replacement therapy.

They do make you white in a short time, but they also have many shortcomings.

Fruit acid skin replacement is harmful to the skin and may lead to the formation of sensitive muscles.

And the whitening needle is a gray project. At present, the state has not approved the formal whitening needle operation.

Moreover, these projects will rebound and cost high. If it’s not actors or models who need to eat on their faces, it’s better not to fight.

Can you whiten as long as you deal with skin problems? Whitening is from the inside out. Whoever wants to whiten must first take care of his body.

You can take vitamins C, e, B, green tea, grape seeds, glutathione, etc. at ordinary times, which not only helps to solve sensitive and acne problems, but also helps whitening.

Pay attention to going to bed early and getting up early and exercising moderately, so that the blood circulation can be better, the metabolism can be vigorous, and the complexion will be more ruddy and white.

It reminds the beauties who want to whiten, and the skin who wants to whiten should have a correct understanding of whitening. At the same time, whitening is not an overnight task. It is a long-term thing. At the same time, they should have the awareness of sun protection and whitening in any season. On the basis of correctly regulating their bodies, they should use sunscreen and whitening skin care products suitable for their skin qualities to achieve 365 days of skin whitening.

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