When is the best time to defecate every day?

when is the best time to defecate every day

Food is usually excreted after 12 hours after it is eaten into the body. Therefore, scientifically speaking, the most suitable time to defecate in the morning. But not everyone can defecate in the morning, so when is the best time to defecate?

1. Defecate in the morning

Just get up because after one night’s digestion, food residues have been produced, and the formed feces have been stored in the sigmoid colon. Feces in the sigmoid colon can make feces enter the rectum. When a sufficient amount (about 300g) is accumulated, it will cause defecation reflex and then defecate when a certain pressure is generated on the intestinal wall. If it is not discharged in the morning, toxins will be produced, and the longer the time is dragged, the more toxins will be produced. However, when we get up in the morning, the colonic peristalsis function will be enhanced, and after breakfast, the gastrocolonic reflex will be generated, which will promote our colonic peristalsis. Therefore, two hours before getting up or breakfast every morning is the best time to defecate.

2. Defecate at night

The evening is also a good time for defecation, because the accumulation of night stool in the body is very bad for the body, such as bad breath, irregular menstruation, premature aging, and bad digestion. When people defecate before sleep, they must exert themselves slowly. Too much effort will cause varicocele, hernia, etc. it is good for the body to empty the dirt in the body.

what should I do if I have irregular bowel movements

Some people defecate regularly in the morning or at night, but some people defecate irregularly. What should we do?

In fact, defecation itself is a reflective activity, which can establish conditioned reflex. As long as you adhere to regular defecation for a period of time, you can gradually establish the conditioned reflex of defecation, and after forming a habit, you can discharge your stool smoothly and quickly at regular intervals.

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