In order to be loved by men, you must do 8 things well

1. Write a letter to your dearest husband

In the letter, first of all, thank him for all his efforts to realize your wedding dream Tell him how happy you are at the wedding, let him know your gratitude, and tell him your plan for the future. In short, just express your deep feelings in your heart and let him know how much you love him!

After writing, I put it in an envelope and mailed it to him. Imagine how happy he was when I received the letter!

2. Call your mother-in-law and ask for some good advice.

Although you and your mother-in-law do not live together, the relationship between your mother-in-law and your daughter-in-law is also crucial to your future life.

You are smart. You will not turn a deaf ear to our suggestions You can ask her what problems you may encounter in your life in the future, or you can learn her specialty. Maybe you don’t need her advice, but anyway, call her and have a chat. In this way, she will feel your respect for her and feel more cordial because you have regarded her as a member of your future family!

3. Thank those friends who helped you prepare for your wedding

At the wedding, your relatives and friends share your worries and solve your problems, entertain guests for you, help you coordinate vehicles… So that you can concentrate on being a beautiful and happy bride.

When you return from your honeymoon, send them a thank-you card and express your gratitude to them in the most sincere way. Thank them for everything they have done for your wedding, tell them that your wedding will be a mess without their help, and mail them the small gifts you bought on your honeymoon. Of course, it is a good way to help them take care of their children or pets when they are young.

4. Select the happy photos at the wedding and hang them on the wall

Your laughter and your affectionate kiss at the wedding, so the beautiful moments of writing, romance or joy have been fixed in precious photos. Hang them all over your room, savor the happy time at any time, and make you feel the sweetness and happiness of your newlywed life every moment!

5. Start a new life, but don’t change too much

From one person’s single life to two person’s world, maybe you all need to make some adjustments to your living habits to adapt to your married life.

At the wedding, you made a vow of marriage, which indicates that you will think of each other, share happiness and tide over adversity together in your future life. But this does not mean that you have to completely change yourself. You need to accept the different personalities of newspaper boys, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of complementing each other.

Moreover, in the first few years of marriage, a little guy will come to you, and you will have to give up many habits that you have kept for many years, so don’t try to change the daily life rules, which will seriously affect your physical and mental health.

And remember, never give up too much because of your marriage!

6. Keep exercising and make yourself full of energy

Many friends will gain a lot of weight after they get married. Is it the rich and happy life that makes them feel relieved and fat? The general reason is this, but don’t you think lack of exercise is also a very important reason?

Let’s do more exercise! If you don’t like sports, you may as well start from now on to find some sports for the two of you, such as playing golf or swimming. Sweating on the sports ground can not only make you energetic at any time and anywhere, but also make you passionate in your bedroom! Remember, if you keep exercising every day, your married life will reach unexpected perfection!

7. Often think of some tricks to make yourself relaxed for a moment

You may have been a willful girl in the past, but now you are married, have a new role, and shoulder the burden of family. You should become a responsible person, but don’t lose your original liveliness and loveliness because of marriage.

Married life is not always romantic and freehand. Every day you must spend a lot of time dealing with those household chores. But don’t forget to take time to relax. It’s a good idea to read novels during lunch break or sing loudly at home!

8. Avoid valuing sex over friends, and always keep in touch with good friends.

Entering the world of two people after marriage does not mean that you have to give up the whole world. If you two stay together every day, it’s not good for your marriage life.

Friends play an irreplaceable role in life. They will help you escape the burden of family and send you difficulties in life. So don’t lose contact with your old friends because of him. Often ask them out to have fun, go shopping and go to bars together. Relive the happy past together! Let them know that you are still the most reliable good friend!

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