Are you really healthy after passing the physical examination?

It is increasingly recognized that health and quality of life (i.e., quality of life) are even more important than longevity. But if I ask you a simple question: what is health? I’m afraid the answer is different.

Some people say that if you are not ill, you are healthy. Of course, the diseases they refer to here are physical diseases, such as cold, pneumonia, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and so on. Is it healthy just to have no physical disease? I can ask a rhetorical question as an answer: “do mental patients belong to healthy people?” Even people with depression, phobia and other diseases are not healthy.

In the face of fierce social competition, some people are at a loss all day long, dealing with the relationship between bad people, and finally adopting escapism or extreme methods, such as suicide. Such people can not belong to healthy people.

As early as half a century ago, the World Health Organization gave a comprehensive and complete definition of health: “health is not only the absence of disease and weakness, but the maintenance of physical, mental and social perfection.” It can be seen that health includes not only physical integrity and psychological balance, but also good social adaptability. Lack of any of them is not perfect health.

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