Japanese women rush to marry Chinese men yearn for equality

Japanese women boast that they will marry Chinese men as soon as they marry

Since the 1990s, personnel exchanges between China and Japan have been increasing day by day, and transnational marriages between the two countries have also been increasing. According to the statistics released by the Japanese Ministry of health, labor and welfare, in recent years, tens of thousands of Chinese and Japanese men and women have married each year. Chinese men are very popular with Japanese girls, and Chinese people have become “fragrant buns”. Why has Sino Japanese Marriage gradually become a fashion? Why do Japanese girls prefer Chinese guys who live in Japan to Chinese guys who don’t marry nice native men?

Yoshiko Sasaki, wife of Shen Qiang, a Chinese painter and seal engraver living in Japan, believes that Japanese girls’ preference for Chinese guys is inseparable from the historical origins of Japan and China. Japan and China are close neighbors in terms of history and culture. Japan is deeply influenced by Chinese culture, and many things come from China. Many Japanese girls are especially fond of Chinese Confucian culture, and dream of finding a real Chinese gentleman. It is reasonable to choose a Chinese husband.

In addition, the rapid development of China’s economy and the popularity of kung fu films overseas have undoubtedly given Chinese men some publicity and greatly increased their “popularity” in the minds of women in various countries. A single once popular in Russia, “marry a person like Putin when you get married”, was borrowed by many Japanese girls and changed to “marry a Chinese man when you get married”. Hardworking, patient before marriage, single-minded after marriage, not drinking alcohol, “family cook”, respecting the elderly and loving the young have become the “labels” of Chinese men. No wonder the Chinese guys are very popular not only in Japan, but also in Russia, Vietnam, Africa and other countries.

tired of men being superior to women, yearning for freedom in China

Tired of the sexism of male superiority and female inferiority in Japanese enterprises, a large number of Japanese white-collar women have come to China one after another to start their careers and new lives in China by relying on their ability and hard-working spirit.

Kyodo news agency of Japan reported that in Shanghai, a growing international metropolis in China, a group of Japanese women came here to prove their abilities, laugh at risks and failures, and display their brilliance by virtue of the gentle attitude and delicate emotions developed in Japan and their communication skills developed in other countries.

“I don’t want to go on like this.” Nagushima Fanghui (39), who used to work in a large motor factory in Japan, had this idea nine years ago. She is often called “a woman’s family” here. Once she is appreciated by her boss, it will attract the jealousy of male colleagues. With the attitude of studying in China with promising prospects, long island embarked on the road of studying in Shanghai.

In China, long island first went to a language school for a year, then worked in a Japanese company, and then moved to a consulting company in Taiwan. Although she is the only Japanese in the company, she is not only active in the front line of sales, but also bears the heavy burden of connecting with Chinese political and economic circles. She said: “in Japan, I can never be given this important task.” In order to further improve herself, she later transferred to a Japanese company and was promoted to secretary general about a year later.

In Shanghai, there are many women like long island who leave Japanese enterprises to start from scratch. There are many reasons to encourage them to make this choice: many Japanese enterprises still stick to the established rules and do not regard women as fighting power; In the situation of economic recession, gender discrimination in recruitment has become more and more fierce… Sakoko Noguchi, 28, has lived in Shanghai for about 10 years since he went to college. When talking about the difference between Japan and the local area, she said: “as long as a few people gather together, they will certainly talk about ideals.”

Mikiko Yuni, 29, said, “I think I can do anything.”. She returned to Japan after working in Shanghai for several years, but with the mentality of “fighting again”, she came to Shanghai again at the beginning of this year as a salesman of a Japanese enterprise. She believes that the social atmosphere of “learning rather than hitting prominent figures” can promote her growth.

Japanese women admire Chinese men and respect women

Ms. Yongdao, who worked as an announcer in Japanese TV station, married the president of a listed media company in China last year. She said: “I always say on stage that I hate the petty family spirit of Japanese men. I know that some so-called” patriots “will” justly and solemnly “accuse us of” baga! Insulting the dignity of men in the great Japanese Empire “.

But as our women, we will always choose the strong as our husbands. Can Japanese men who are losing out today be considered strong? The population is only the same as that of a Chinese province, and its resources and territorial area are many times smaller than that of China. Its national strength is now weaker than that of China. As for Japanese men, they are a hopeless generation, and their moral quality is not higher than that of Chinese men. Can they, like the Chinese, give us women a happy and carefree living space? The answer is No.

A miss Fujiwara who works as a secretary to a member of Parliament has been to China many times, so she wants to marry a Chinese man.

She said: as Japanese men, they don’t have any advantages. Because they are too male chauvinist and really take our women seriously, we have to find a new way.

Where I live, girls’ underwear is often stolen. Japan’s pornographic industry is world-famous. Japanese pornographic films rank first in the world in terms of the degree of metamorphosis. Whenever Japanese women are mentioned, people in other countries will think of AV actresses. It’s really shameful for us as Japanese women. Therefore, I don’t want to find Japanese men who are lecherous and impersonal. I have made an appointment with my Chinese boyfriend online.

A miss Jincheng from Okinawa who works in China hotel said: I just want to marry a Chinese man. I will only choose the strong! These so-called “patriots” of Japanese men have no other promise except to pretend to be others on the Internet to make trouble and scold others. You have the ability to do a good job in your country, so that Japanese women will not be spoiled by a certain army, and Japanese female stars will not act in grade III films. But Japanese men do not have this ability! Japanese men are incompetent!

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