A simple way to quickly dispel acne? Simple way to remove acne quickly

The arrival of winter makes the skin dry, and many mm are very distressed. When the weather gets cold, it’s time for the hotpot family to come out. But this way, the skin is easy to get angry and get acne, and it’s out of control. It’s really helpless to occupy the whole face in a short time.

Four reasons for acne in winter

Reasons for acne on your face in winter: 1. Lack of water

When the weather is dry, the skin will lack water. Lack of water will inevitably lead to cutin blocking pores and acne growth. We can make a Hydrating Facial Mask. Of course, if we have a lot of acne, we can use licorice 100 cream, which is popular in the acne elimination field, to moisturize and eliminate acne at the same time. In this way, acne will fade quickly and it is difficult for new acne to grow again.

Reasons for acne on your face in winter 2. Eating sugar triggers acne

Experiments have proved that too much sugar will cause more insulin release, increase male hormones in the body, and increase sebum secretion, which is a potential factor for adult pox. Therefore, girls who love sweets should pay attention to eating as little sugar as possible.

Causes of acne on the face in winter 3. Mite infection

Mites can’t be ignored. The secretion of mites will directly cause pore blockage, and then the pores will gradually become inflamed, and the skin will become more greasy. If not treated in time, it will cause skin inflammation, which will form what people call acne. Therefore, to develop good hygiene habits, pillows and quilts must be washed and dried frequently, clothes must be changed frequently, towels must be washed and dried thoroughly on a regular basis, and don’t cover your face with a quilt when you sleep.

Reasons for acne on the face in winter 4. Drug stimulation

Many drugs we usually take contain irritating toxins, which have great side effects. After long-term use, the toxin will accumulate in the skin tissue, which will not only cause acne, but also catalyze the growth of acne, leading to deterioration of the situation and long-term cure.

Introduction to several tips for fighting acne

What should we do in the face of such inflamed pox?

Deep cleaning, open pores

Because the weather is dry and cold, the skin will tighten, the pores will shrink, and excessive cleaning will aggravate dryness. Therefore, it is necessary to soften the horniness first and then focus on cleaning. You can open pores with hot steam before cleaning, and then gently scrub with mild scrub products to exfoliate, or use a cleaning facial mask. It is recommended to use a mud like facial mask.

Anti acne products reduce fire to skin

To deal with inflamed acne, you need to use some acne products. Tea tree essential oil and aloe juice have the function of killing acne; Zinc oxide, magnesium aluminum silicate and other mineral components have the effect of absorbing, removing and regulating oil and grease; Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and other acid components can dissolve the accumulation of cutin and waste, reducing the possibility of acne.

Fully moisturize and rejuvenate the skin

The skin needs water as a medium for metabolism. If it lacks water, the wastes in the skin are difficult to be discharged from the body, and it is easy to grow acne. Therefore, if you want to remove or prevent acne, you need to inject water into the skin to fill the skin cells.

Marigold, strengthen follow-up care

In addition to using the acne removing product twice in the morning and evening, you should also use Calendula lotion to wipe the acne and surrounding skin during the day, which is conducive to sterilization and inflammation. It is recommended to apply it every 2 hours. Cotton swabs are recommended.

Massage to promote metabolism

In winter, the skin lacks vitality, and like people, it will become lazy and slow in metabolism. In order to make it move, you can massage the skin for a few minutes every day to help detoxify and open the channel.

Massage method:

Press from both sides of the nasal wing to the temples; Press it from the forehead to the temples and then to the cheeks, along the ear to the back of the ear, and slide it to the clavicle; Then draw circles from both sides of the HOBA and massage it to the ear, slide it to the root of the ear and press it to the clavicle.

Diet conditioning, comprehensive anti acne

Diet and daily life are the main culprits of acne. Therefore, during the period of acne removal, you can reasonably adjust your diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less fried stimulating food, and sleep before 12 o’clock at night. If you want to speed up, it is recommended to do more exercise and sweat more to quickly eliminate toxins in your body.

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