Learn to be a high-quality woman. Men love women with connotation more

We often see some plain looking or so-called ugly women in the street often follow golden men. In depth analysis, these so-called ugly ducklings can have the fairy tale of Prince Charming staged in reality before they grow into white swans. Exploring the root is that they have inherent advantages that attract men, and they have hit men’s weaknesses with these advantages.

As a woman, you may not be beautiful or charming, but you must not be without sentiment and femininity. Here are five ways to catch a man’s heart.

first, don’t be a good girl, learn mature wisdom

To be an attractive woman for a long time, you can’t just focus on gossip, fashion and beauty. We should strengthen our quality and cultural accomplishment, keep up with the pace of the times, and thus keep up with the pace of men. In modern society, men’s values and family views have changed a lot. A silly, obedient, and open-minded girl can’t hold a strong man’s heart.

From ancient times to the present, we have never heard of a dignified and elegant lady who can get the special favor of men. Baosi, Cixi, Daji, Wu Meiniang, Li Shishi, Su Xiaoxiao and Sai Jinhua, who make men want to be immortal and die, are all smart, witty, proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and talented. In a small survey of men conducted by a fashion magazine in 2009, 82.2% of men hoped to partner with smart, trendy and intelligent women. “Good wife and good mother” is no longer so popular.

Second, be a confident woman

Confident women are the most beautiful. Such a sentence not only contains men’s appreciation and praise for confident women, but also makes them more popular by showing confidence and charm among the same sex. Self confidence can brighten a face that is not beautiful. To cultivate your charm, you are not required to cut yourself. You can take care of yourself to delay aging. The real charm comes from a sense of identification with yourself in your heart. First of all, you need to like yourself, so that men will like you.

III. show women’s sexy charm in time

Sometimes sexiness does not have to be expressed through a plump figure, but is created in a specific atmosphere. You come out of the bathroom with long hair that hasn’t been dried. You look lazy. After taking a bath, the room is full of fragrance. You are like a Fleur just emerging from the water… Under this sentiment, a man can’t refuse to charm you. People often say: women are water. Many men recall that what makes them most fashionable is the moment when a woman just came out of the bathroom. At that time, she was fresh and holy, with a kind of innocent sexy. Perhaps every man has a virginity complex, so women who fade away their fatigue and dust after bathing have more or less realized their inner satisfaction with the pursuit of purity.

When women show their beauty can no longer rely on their facial features, it must be an open era, and sexy is one of the signs. It makes it possible for women to change from ugly to beautiful. The so-called beauty is a simple, flat and static standard, that is, the standard of staying indoors and having unlimited leisure.

IV. be a bad woman occasionally

When God created men and women, they may not be well matched, so there are not only one or two people in the world who are suitable for themselves. When you feel tired, choose the right place, find the right person, just have the right mood, promote the right meeting, drink a little wine, smoke a cigarette, match it with a gentle expression, keep a charming smile, show yourself and be a beautiful bad woman.

When the “angel” in “angel of the road” smoked a cigarette and looked at the men coming and going in the street provocatively, it was believed that such a shape became the fantasy object of many men later. For example, in the dim light of the bar, a woman with thoughtful expression and empty and lonely eyes can more arouse the desire of men to approach. It seems so lonely, but also so unpredictable. She is like a baby poppy in the dark night. Because it is unpredictable, men are eager to take her home.

Men like bad women because bad women are often difficult to conquer, which makes it easier for men to stimulate their aggressive psychology. There is a rebellious mentality in men’s sexual psychology, which is more dangerous and more exciting. That dangerous bad woman is more likely to arouse his primitive desire. The more he can’t get, the more exciting and pleasant he will pursue. Women are a little bad, and men will find them cute.

v. have love, but don’t lose yourself

You can eat what you don’t like for the sake of his love, just to spend dinner with the one you love; You can give up your hobby for him and learn something you are not interested in again, just to spend more time with him and have more similarities; You can watch the football match you hate most for him, but also cooperate with his excitement and excitement with relish and full devotion; He can do everything tirelessly and willingly, just to take care of him more comfortably; You can listen to and accept all his sadness, anger, complaint and dissatisfaction, just for the sake of more happiness; Can unconditionally meet all his reasonable and unreasonable requirements, just to not let him down; You can stand up and bear all the difficulties for him, but you are afraid that he will be hurt… And the end of this love will only make men feel bound.

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