Tips: root out sub-health

Sub health is a problem that puzzles many modern people, but even if we talk about it every day, we seldom really spare energy and time to deal with its invasion. Xiaobian has specially collected some common sub-health symptoms, which are common small discomfort in daily life. If you have these manifestations, you should solve them well.

What is sub-health?

According to the medical community, sub-health is “a state of low physiological function between health and disease”. In fact, it is what we often call “chronic fatigue syndrome”. Because of its complex and diverse performance, there is no specific standardized diagnostic parameter in the world.

1. Does my throat itch?

Solution tip: scratch your ears.

Is your throat itching again? never mind. When you were 9 years old, you certainly liked tickling your armpits. Now that you are an adult, you can still enjoy the happiness brought by your body, but it is different from the past. Here’s a good way to stop the itch in your throat: “when the ear nerve is stimulated, it may cause the laryngeal muscles to reflect and spasm,” said Scott, M.D., director of the New Jersey ear, nose and throat research center. “And this spasm can just stop you from itching.”

2. A stuffy nose?

Treatment tips: rub the middle of eyebrows with your fingers.

The fastest, most convenient and most cost-effective way to treat nose obstruction is to press your tongue against your upper teeth, and then squeeze the middle of your two eyebrows with one finger. This can make the channel of your nose leading to your mouth swing back and forth, said Lisa, an assistant professor at Michigan State University’s School of osteopathic medicine. This action can relieve the congestion of your nose. After 20 seconds, you can feel that your nose is very smooth.

3. No place to urinate?

Solution tip: try sex fantasy.

You want to pee, but you can’t find the toilet? Then try to fantasize about sex in your head, and you won’t feel very uncomfortable, said Lani, M.D., director of male reproductive medicine research at Baylor College of medicine.

4. Feel pain?

Solution tip: try coughing.

German researchers have found that coughing during injection can reduce the pain feeling when the needle is injected. This trick is also applicable to the sudden compression of the thoracic spinal canal, which can also effectively suppress spinal cord pain.

5. Toothache?

Treatment tips: it can be cured without opening the mouth.

Put ice on the back of your hand and separate your thumb and forefinger into duck webs. Canadian researchers found that doing so could be 50% better than treating toothache without ice on your hands. The V-shaped palm nerve can stimulate the brain nerve in charge of toothache.

6. Stomachache?

Treatment tips: try to sleep with your left side.

Are you still worried that your stomach hurts so much that you can’t even sleep? “Sleep on your left side,” said Anthony, M.D., an associate professor of gastrointestinal research at the New York Medical School. Studies have shown that sleeping on the left side of the body can reduce acid reflux and thus reduce stomach pain. When you sleep on your right side, your stomach is higher than your esophagus, and food and stomach acid will slide into your esophagus. When you sleep on your left side, your stomach is lower than your esophagus. Under the influence of gravity, gastric acid will not flow into your esophagus. The stomach pain will be relieved.

7. Can’t you hear me clearly?

Solution tip: try another ear.

If you meet a slurred speaker at a cocktail party and you really want to hear what he is saying, put your right ear on him. The right ear is more adaptable to high speech speed than the left ear, according to an analysis made by researchers at UCLA. If you want to hear a soft song clearly in the elevator, stick your left ear to it. The left ear can better distinguish the sound of music.

8. Burned?

Treatment tips: try using ice.

When your finger is accidentally burned by the fire, wash the skin with cold water and squeeze the injured hand with the uninjured finger. If you apply more ice to the injured area or sprinkle a thin layer of edible salt on the scalded area, your pain can be alleviated quickly. However, since this pure natural method will quickly return the temperature of the burned skin to normal, and at the same time, the ice will melt into water, it is necessary to try to avoid soaking the burned fingers in water.

9. Too much to drink?

Treatment tips: try to hold a stable object with your hands.

Remember, help me with your hands. At this time, you may feel very confused in your ears, which makes you very easy to lose your balance. “When alcohol dilutes the blood on the top of your head, your head will feel more and more heavy, and you will feel dizzy.” Dr. Scafford said. This makes it difficult for you to maintain balance.

Holding a stable object with your hands will send a stable signal to your brain, and you will feel more balanced. Because the nerves in the palm of the hand are also quite sensitive to mastering balance, which is even more effective than the method of standing on the ground with feet, which is often used by people. Do you feel sub-healthy? See if the following methods can find out what’s wrong with you.

10. When you exhale, you feel that your liver is under pressure?

Treatment tips: please use your left foot.

Do you also exhale when your right foot lands on the ground, as most of us do when running? In fact, doing so will press your liver (because your liver is on the right side of the body), according to a book called “family therapy manual”. So, remember: exhale when your left foot lands on the ground.

11. Nosebleed?

Treatment tips: hold the gum with cotton.

When your nose bleeds, pinching your nose and leaning back should be a very effective way, if you really don’t care that doing so will suffocate you. A simpler and more effective way is to take some cotton and press it against your upper gum, which is only behind your nose groove. “Most of the bleeding is caused by the rupture of blood vessels in the front of the nasal diaphragm,” pointed out Desmarais, M.D., an otolaryngologist at a hospital in Durban, South Africa. “As long as you hold the cotton here, you can effectively control nosebleed.”

12. Abnormal heartbeat, too fast or too slow?

Treatment tips: blow your fingers.

Nervousness should be suppressed first. Blow your fingers rhythmically. The vagus nerve, which is in charge of heartbeat rhythm, is usually controlled by breathing, said Ben, a medical emergency expert at the University of Pittsburgh. This method can return your heartbeat to normal.

13. Want to treat myopia?

Treatment tips: do biceps flexion and extension exercises.

Few people are genetically short-sighted, said an optometrist in Washington. “Myopia is usually caused by you staring at a point for a long time.” In other words, you stare at the computer screen for too long. Therefore, you should change your eye habits. After using your eyes for several hours every day, you should close your eyes, tighten your body, take a deep breath, and exhale a few seconds later, while relaxing your muscles. Tensing and stretching muscles, such as biceps, can relax muscles in other parts of your body, including eye muscles, and will also get the same relaxation and rest.

14. Headache?

Treatment tips: try with a piece of ice.

Containing a piece of ice will quickly relieve your headache. With a piece of ice in your mouth, press your tongue against your upper teeth. The harder you try, the better. “Because your upper tooth bore nerve contacts something too cold, your body will send a signal that your brain nerve is too cold,” the expert said. “As compensation, your body will heat up to ‘treat’ your cold head.” The harder you press against your teeth, the faster your headache will get better.

15. Poor diving breathing?

Treatment tips: a few short breaths are enough.

If you feel poor breathing when you dive to the bottom of the lake, take a few short breaths instead of deep breaths, because in essence, your poor breathing is caused by hyperventilation. When you dive, your oxygen intake is not so low that you have to breathe hard. It’s just that carbon dioxide accumulates too much and makes you feel wrong. Excessive intake of oxygen will make your blood acidic, which makes your brain mistakenly think that more oxygen should be inhaled.

16. Lack of balance?

Treatment tips: Please straighten the spine.

At the next friend’s party, you can try to play this game: let a person stand out, extend his arm in one direction, palm down, and keep this posture still. Then push his wrist with two fingers. He will certainly resist. Now, let him lift one foot half a foot and put it on some magazines. You can repeat the action just now. This time, he has no resistance. Moving his hips will weaken his spine resistance and balance. When your body’s balance and resistance are insufficient, check whether the spine is normal and correct.

17. Bad memory?

Treatment tips: review more before going to bed.

It’s all up to you. “If you’re going to give a speech tomorrow, review what you’re going to say before you go to bed,” said condi, a biology lecturer. Since most memory integration occurs during sleep, it is very likely that what you read before going to bed will become your long-term memory.

18. Arm numbness?

Treatment tips: try shaking your head.

If your hands feel numb when you drive or sit in one position for a long time, shake your head from side to side. This is very good. In less than a minute, the numbness of your hands will disappear. Numbness in hands or arms is usually caused by the compression of nerves in the neck, so relaxing the muscles in the neck can relieve the nerve compression. It should be noted that the nerves in the lower part of the body will control the movement of the feet, so don’t let your dog sleep on your feet all the time. I often stand up and walk.

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