Urban people pay attention to mental sub-health

Sub-health is a state between health and disease. Part of its performance is very similar to depression, but they are two different diseases. The sub-health state can include both physical and psychological aspects. In the psychological aspect, there can be such phenomena as low mood, poor rest, and general weakness. But depression is an independent disease, with emotional disorder as the main symptom.

The most terrible thing is that patients with depression have no desire or performance to seek treatment, have a strong sense of guilt, feel that they are a burden to society, and have a high suicide mortality rate. On the contrary, sub-health people tend to seek treatment actively.

If the depressive symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, and the depressive symptoms still exist after eliminating the objective causes, you should go to the hospital in time. If patients with depression have adverse stimuli before their illness, the intensity and duration of their emotional responses will obviously exceed the responses of ordinary people to similar stimuli.

However, since most patients with depression dare not face problems, the help of their families will be the main way. Remember to respect and encourage patients so that patients can get reasonable and correct help in time.

So, how to judge whether the relatives around are normal or depressed? Experts say that in addition to being depressed, depressed patients may also have the following manifestations: continuous fatigue without obvious reasons, and it is difficult to recover after rest; Activities are slow, and sometimes it may become easy to lose temper over trifles;

Often blame themselves, or have a sense of guilt, and self-evaluation is too low; If the speed of thinking slows down, the patient may also feel stupid; Insomnia, including difficulty in falling asleep, shallow and unstable sleep, especially early awakening, that is, the last awakening time of sleep is significantly earlier; Loss of appetite, eating less, and weight may also be significantly reduced; Decreased sexual desire and lack of interest in the opposite sex; Recurrent suicidal thoughts and even suicidal behaviors are the most serious symptoms of depression.

According to statistics, 70% of depression patients have suicidal thoughts but do not implement them; One third of the depressed patients committed suicide, and 15% of them died.

There are often various depression psychological test forms on the Internet, and people often get a shock after comparing themselves with the test. Is this test credible? Experts say that professional doctors sometimes refer to some test tables when diagnosing and treating psychological or mental diseases, but there is no quantitative diagnosis of mental diseases such as depression in medicine.

The test results of the depression rating scale can not be used as a diagnostic index of depression, but only for professional doctors’ reference. For ordinary people, when doing these tests, the tests with positive results can suggest that we may have emotional troubles, but not necessarily depression, which requires a specialist to make a clear diagnosis.

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