Self made facial mask is the most affordable skin care method? Homemade facial mask, complete set of affordable skin care methods

Now more and more mm pay attention to skin care, but the high price of skin care products does deter many ordinary white-collar workers and students. However, the skin needs to be maintained. What should we do? Don’t worry. Today, Xiaobian will introduce affordable skin care method – homemade facial mask. With affordable materials, it can achieve better results and meet multiple skin care requirements.

1、 Self made Whitening Facial Mask

1. Tofu small facial mask

When cooking, if you have leftover tofu pieces, you may as well try to make facial mask. Tofu has a high moisturizing and whitening effect. If you use it regularly, you can see that your skin becomes white and tender after a month.

Material: proper amount of tofu

Manufacturing method:

1. Wash your hands and put the tofu in the palm of your hand.

2. Gently rub the tofu, then apply the tofu paste on your face and gently massage.

3. Wash after 15-20 minutes.

2. Strawberry facial mask

Material: proper amount of strawberries

Preparation method: wash the prepared strawberries, mash them or cut them in half.

Usage: apply to exposed parts such as face and neck. Or directly apply cut strawberries on your face repeatedly for 25 minutes and wash them off.

Efficacy: this facial mask can nourish the skin and reduce skin pigmentation.

3. Winter melon walnut facial mask

Materials: 100g wax gourd, 20g walnut kernel, 10g honey

How to do it: pour 100g wax gourd (peeled and beaten into mud), 20g walnuts (beaten into powder) and 10g honey into a glassware or bowl, and stir them into a paste.

Usage: after 20 minutes of static application, wash with warm water.

Effect: winter melon has the effect of desalinating pigment; Walnuts are rich in vitamins that can help skin resist oxidation and reduce UV damage; Honey has a moisturizing effect, so that the beauty effect of this facial mask is better.

2、 Homemade acne removing facial mask

1. Homemade sugar olive oil acne removing facial mask

Ingredients: 1 tbsp sugar, olive oil

Preparation method: take an appropriate amount of granulated sugar and olive oil, mix them together, gently smear them on your face like facial cleanser, and massage them.

Efficacy: applying this facial mask to the face can remove the horniness, acne and restore the metabolism of the skin. Long term use can also reduce pores.

2. Egg yolk shrinking facial mask

Materials: 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 2 eggs

Manufacturing method:

1. Wash and peel the tomatoes and cucumbers, and put them into the juicer for juicing.

2. Separate the egg yolk and egg white with a filtering spoon. Take the egg yolk and set aside.

3. Put tomato and cucumber juice and egg yolk into a utensil and stir well.

Usage: evenly smear the facial mask on the face. After applying for about 15 minutes, wash with warm water.

Efficacy: repair acne damaged skin. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is an excellent antioxidant and can help skin effectively resist aging; Egg yolk can shrink pores, regenerate scar tissue and make skin delicate and smooth.

3. Cabbage leaf acne removing facial mask

Materials: fresh Chinese cabbage, wine bottle

Manufacturing method:

1. Buy fresh Chinese cabbage, remove the whole leaf and wash it.

2. Put the Chinese cabbage leaves on a clean chopping board and gently crush them with a wine bottle for about 10 minutes until the leaves are in a net paste.

3. Put the net like vegetable leaves on your face, replace one leaf every ten minutes, and replace three in a row. Do it once a day.

Efficacy: it has the effect of treating acne and whitening and hydrating. If you often apply Chinese cabbage leaves to your face, your skin will become smooth and elastic. At the same time, Chinese cabbage leaves are the cheapest way to remove acne!

3、 Homemade wrinkle removing facial mask

1. Maid of palace Babai powder

Materials: white clove, Tribulus terrestris, Bombyx batrytica, Baiji, Baichou (90g each), Angelica dahurica (60g each), white aconite, white Poria Cocos (15g each), three saponins (peeled and stringed), a little mung beans

Manufacturing method: grind all materials into very fine powder for standby. When washing your face every day, apply an appropriate amount to your face and wash it with water.

Efficacy: it can clean and moisturize the skin, and prevent acne, freckles, pigmentation and skin itching.

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