7 Secrets of yogurt face washing, skilful whitening and rejuvenation 7 Secrets of yogurt face washing, skilful whitening and rejuvenation

You know what? The imbalance of skin water and oil will lead to the decline of human metabolism, which is one of the reasons for rough and dry skin. Being in a dry environment for a long time will lead to more and more dry skin and dry, cracked and rough skin. How to care for rough skin? The following Xiaobian will learn some secrets of whitening and skin care with you, so that you can become a real beauty.

Whitening secret 1: wash your face with yogurt

Yogurt is a good product for beauty and beauty. It contains active lactic acid bacteria, has a soft texture, is refreshing and comfortable, can be applied externally or adjusted internally, and is often used as a facial mask. After washing your face, gently massage the yogurt on your face, which can penetrate into your skin, thoroughly remove the dirt in your pores, and make your skin white, smooth and delicate.

Whitening secret 2: Tofu whitening

Tofu is soft, delicate, smooth and comfortable to touch. It is a good choice for beauty. First, break tofu, put it in a gauze bag, wash your face with water, and then rub the bag containing tofu back and forth on your face. It will not stimulate your skin, but can make your skin white, smooth and transparent.

Whitening secret 3: pearl powder

Pearl powder can be taken internally or externally. It can clear away heat, detoxify, diminish inflammation and kill bacteria, promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues and cells, and external use can clean the skin and control oil. Combining internal and external use, it can not only whiten, but also dispel oil and control acne, which is very effective in removing acne.

Whitening secret 4: vinegar egg liquid promotes whitening

The use method is to take out fresh eggs, wash and wipe them dry, and then add an appropriate amount of white vinegar to soak them. When the egg shells are dissolved in the vinegar, take a small spoon of the solution into boiling water, mix it well, and then take it. Insist on drinking one cup every day, which can whiten the skin. This method is also widely used.

Whitening secret 5: egg white + honey

Break an egg, take out the egg white, put it in the butterfly, add a proper amount of honey, stir it together, and then apply it on your face. After about 10 minutes, wash it off with water, which can make your skin smooth and reduce wrinkles. If it is frozen in the refrigerator, it can calm your skin and have a better whitening effect.

Whitening secret 6: self made vitamin C whitening facial mask

First crush the vitamin C, pour it into a bowl and dissolve it in mineral water, then soak the compressed facial mask in water, apply it to your face for 5-10 minutes later, and wash the remaining vitamin C with water after application to prevent your skin from turning dark and yellow. After several times of use, you can make your skin smooth and reduce wrinkles.

Whitening secret 7: stone needle scraping whitening

Sibin Bian stone contains many trace elements, which can promote blood circulation, purify skin, whiten and protect skin. When you watch TV at night, you can shave your face with a stone needle scraping board. Your skin will change every day! This is proved by Ruoxi’s own experiments.

Pro, the above methods can be applied to all skin types. In fact, there are still many whitening methods. In the future, Xiaobian will slowly share them with you. Autumn is coming. MM who love beauty should seize the time to whiten and protect their skin. Remember that sunscreen is the most important thing!!

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