4 tips for autumn skin care teach you to successfully remove freckles 4 tips for autumn skin care teach you to successfully remove freckles

The formation of most face spots is closely related to sunlight. If excessive ultraviolet rays are absorbed, many free radicals will be produced, which will destroy a large number of cells and form pigments. Because the blood flow and lymphatic system of the face are different from other parts of the body, and the facial skin is the weakest part of the whole body, it is more susceptible to aging, hormone factors and so on. When the sun is directly irradiated, it will cause ultraviolet rays to attack and produce facial spots. Affected by hormone factors, women are more likely to get facial spots than men.

It is precisely because of the “excessive” desire of consumers for whitening and freckling that beauty lovers started “face projects” large and small at this time, and the campaign against freckles was vigorous and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In fact, the freckle removing products and cosmetics on the market only play a role in maintaining the skin, not treating it, because the skin is also a dynamic environment, and the reasons for the appearance of color spots are complex. Therefore, generally speaking, major international brands rarely say “freckle removing”, but only say “fade spots”. At present, there is no product that can absolutely remove freckles. The role of general products is relative. Many consumers are not only harming their rights and interests, but also reducing the social credibility of freckle products and harming the healthy development of the whole industry under the trap of “beauty” without knowing.

There are many examples of disfigurement that can not be reversed by freckling. Since the development of plastic surgery technology, it has solved a lot of troubles for many spot girls with excellent technology and thorough effects. However, not every technology is applicable. Consumers need to really understand their own situation and search for suitable technologies and methods before they can restore the original luster of “face”.

How to refuse to add “spots”?

If you don’t want to add “spots”, you can’t miss every step of skin care. In addition to whitening, we, who are young mature women, begin to take into account the work of antioxidant, aging prevention and spot proliferation.

1. Pressure makes spots appear earlier

When people are under pressure, they will secrete adrenaline to prepare for stress. If you are under pressure for a long time, the balance of human metabolism will be destroyed, the nutrition supply required by the skin will tend to slow down, and the pigment mother cells will become very active.

The following “spot” prescription:

The skin also needs a holiday. Sleep is very important to the skin, especially sleep. Even if you close your eyes for 10 minutes, it is only when there is no lack of oxygen

2. Slow metabolism, accelerated plaque formation

Plaques may also occur when the metabolic function of the liver is abnormal or the ovarian function is decreased. Because metabolism is not smooth, or endocrine disorders make the body in a sensitive state, which aggravates pigment problems. Constipation can form spots, which is actually caused by allergic constitution caused by endocrine imbalance. When the body is abnormal, ultraviolet radiation will also accelerate the formation of spots.

The following “spot” prescription:

Nutrition is very important to the skin. You should drink more water, soup and fruit. Of course, the high-quality protein in eggs and lean meat is also helpful to the smooth and delicate skin. In addition, sugar should be supplemented appropriately in summer, because liver, kidney, spleen and other organs need sugar, and women with healthy organs have dark hair and ruddy skin. It is also necessary to use facial mask to moisturize skin at ordinary times.

3. Wrong use of cosmetics, toxins precipitate into spots

If you use cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin, resulting in skin allergy, if you irradiate ultraviolet rays excessively in the process of treatment, your skin will accumulate melanin pigment in the inflammatory part in order to resist external aggression, which will lead to pigmentation.

The following “spot” prescription:

It is forbidden to use “quick acting freckle cream” containing hormones, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, because there are too many side effects! It can cause hundreds of side effects! Resulting in serious disfigurement.

4. The number one killer: ultraviolet

When irradiated with ultraviolet rays, the human body will produce a lot of melanin pigment in the basal layer in order to protect the skin. Therefore, in order to protect the skin, more pigment will accumulate in the sensitive parts. Often exposed to strong sunlight not only promotes skin aging, but also causes pigmented skin diseases such as black spots and freckles.

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