Skipping rope every day can reduce weight without hurting knees

The range of sports options is very wide. Different sports have different effects on the body, which may be good or bad. Although we all know that life lies in sports! This sentence is often a reminder of the importance of exercise. In fact, if you do not exercise properly, you may also be hurt. For example, jumping sports such as running and rope skipping are very likely to damage the health of knee joints when participating in these sports, because twice the weight of the body needs to be borne by the knee. How much can skipping rope every day reduce weight without hurting your knees?

Skipping rope every day can reduce weight without hurting knees

To be honest, this question is not really a question of quantity, but how to avoid injuring the knee by skipping rope. This should be analyzed according to the weight of the athlete, skipping speed, sports equipment, warm-up activities, etc. It is not only judged by the number of skipping ropes, nor is there any specific data statistics. However, according to experience, it is better for healthy people not to skip more than 1000 ropes every day. Then let’s talk about how to avoid the knee injury during rope skipping and how to jump rope correctly. We need to pay attention to the following points:

First of all, avoid skipping on the concrete ground. If the site of skipping is not well selected, it is easy to cause knee joint damage. Generally speaking, therefore, skipping on the concrete ground must be avoided to lose weight without injuring the knee. The most suitable venue for skipping is the lawn, wooden floor, mud ground or PU playground with moderate hardness. Skipping on the hard cement ground, hard tile ground and marble ground is prohibited.

Secondly, we should learn to coordinate, so as to effectively avoid sprains in rope skipping. It is suggested that we should relax muscles and joints during rope skipping, and coordinate the efforts of toes and heels to prevent sprains. Fat people and middle-aged women had better jump on both feet at the same time. Do not jump too high to avoid joint injury due to excessive load.

Finally, don’t jump rope with high elastic shoes. Don’t challenge the limit easily. Wear soft, light and elastic shoes to avoid ankle injury. Furthermore, we should also pay attention to the choice of loose and light clothing. It can effectively avoid skipping to lose weight without hurting the knee.

How much can skipping rope every day without hurting your knees? After the introduction of the above contents, I believe you have already understood. In fact, the focus is not on the number of skipping ropes, but on some precautions when helping skipping ropes. In this way, the skipping rope can be used to achieve the goal of weight loss and protect the knee from injury.

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