How to practice Sanda kick

1. How to practice Sanda kick

Left leg back kick: the right leg rotates about 90 ° with the sole of the foot as the axis, the upper body rotates, the left leg bends its knees and retracts its legs, kicks out in a straight line, and the center of gravity moves forward and falls.

Action Essentials: after starting the leg, fold the upper body, big and small legs into a ball. The movement is extended forcefully. Turn around, lift your knees and pull out your legs at one time without stopping. When kicking, straighten your knees and extend your hips. Your psoas muscles contract and suddenly exert force. The movement should be smooth. After kicking out, the legs should be elastically closed. After landing, pay attention to protecting yourself with both hands.

Exercise: hold the support with your hands, lift your knees and slowly move your legs to explore the movement track. Kick against a wall or a big tree to find the feeling. Kick sandbags or foot targets to practice strength, speed and accuracy.

The other party dashed over with fists, and we quickly turned around and boldly hit his trunk with his right hind leg.

Both sides wait for an opportunity to attack. When the distance is relatively long, our right foot will approach the other side, turn around and attack the enemy’s abdomen or chest with left back kick.

In the fierce battle, when the body is facing away from the opponent, it suddenly uses the back kick to attack his trunk.

When the opponent raised his legs to attack, we quickly attacked his chest with a left back kick.

2. Whip leg practice in Sanda

Left whip leg

Action Essentials: slightly bend and support the right leg, and slightly tilt the upper body to the right; Bend your left leg to the left, buckle your knee, stretch the instep, then straighten your knee forward and whip your calf to reach the instep to the front and lower ends of your calf.

Right whip leg

Action Essentials: turn the body 90 degrees to the left and move the weight to the left leg; At the same time, the right leg drives the lower leg to bend the knee and swing forward, buckle the knee and stretch the foot, then straighten the knee whip forward to swing the lower leg, reaching the instep to the lower end of the lower leg. Bend your right leg to the ground in reverse.

3. Leg hooking practice in Sanda

Left leg hook

Action Essentials: bend the right leg, slightly abduct the knee, slightly turn the upper body to the right, and close the abdomen and crotch; The left leg drives the lower leg with the thigh. The straight leg scrapes the ground and kicks in an arc to the right, straightens the knee and hooks the foot, reaching the inside of the arch of the foot. Right hook foot

Action Essentials: move the center of gravity to the left leg, bend the left leg, abduct the left foot, turn the body 180 degrees to the left, and close the abdomen and crotch; The right leg drives the lower leg with the thigh, and the straight leg scrapes the ground and kicks in an arc to the left, straightening the knee, hooking the foot and buckle inside, reaching the inside of the arch of the foot.

What’s the effect of practicing Sanda

1. Improve body shape and shape curves.

The unique training method of Sanda can not only make women’s figure curve more perfect, but also make their figure more plump. Long term practice can improve the flexibility and flexibility of the body, and has a certain effect on improving the internal and external temperament.

2. Keep fit.

Sanda is a kind of martial arts. During the practice of Sanda, all joints and muscles of our body have been well exercised, so our body will become healthier and healthier, and our resistance and immunity will gradually increase.

3. Relieve pressure and regulate mood.

Sanda has a good effect on controlling emotions and regulating mentality. Martial arts training can enhance the self-confidence of girls, maintain a calm and witty mentality, and be fearless when encountering problems.

4. Enhance self-protection ability.

In general, the self-protection ability of girls is relatively poor. Through Sanda practice, girls can improve their self-protection ability, be calm and resourceful in the face of danger, and use martial arts to protect themselves in case of danger.

5. Cultivate perseverance.

Many people in life have no perseverance and want to retreat in the face of some difficult things. Sanda is a kind of antagonistic sport, which requires very high resistance ability. Through Sanda practice, we can overcome timidity, fear and other psychology, effectively cultivate courage and temper our will.

What are the characteristics of Sanda

1. Sanda has a sports character

Sanda belongs to the category of sports. Compared with other sports, Sanda has its commonness but also its particularity. Because the sanda competition rules strictly stipulate that certain parts, such as the back of the head, neck, crotch and so on, are forbidden to attack each other, and it is forbidden to use anti joints and knees to attack each other, it has certain security.

2. Sanda is antagonistic

Antagonistic fighting content is the basic feature of Sanda. There is no obvious fixed sequence of movements between the two sides of the competition. Instead, they use each other’s fighting movements to adapt to the situation, and use each other’s weaknesses to fight wits and courage. It not only requires Sanda players to master attack and defense tactics, but also requires players to have agile and flexible adaptability, which is different from other martial arts routines.

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