The love story of cup and water

Cup: I’m lonely. I need water. Give me some water

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Master: Well, with the water you want, you won’t be lonely, will you?

Cup: I think so

The host poured boiling water into the cup. The water was very hot, and the cup felt that it was about to melt. The cup thought, this is the power of love

The water is warm, and the cup feels very comfortable. The cup thinks, this is the feeling of life

The water became cold, and the cup was afraid that he would not know anything. The cup thought, this is the taste of loss

The water is cool and the cup is desperate. Maybe this is the masterpiece of fate

Cup: Master, pour out the water quickly. I don’t need it anymore

The master is not here. The cup feels that it is oppressed. The hateful water is cold. It feels very uncomfortable to put it in my heart

The cup shook hard, and the water finally came out of the cup’s heart. The cup was so happy. Suddenly, the cup fell to the ground

The cup was broken. Before he died, he saw that there were traces of water everywhere in his heart! Only then did he know that he loved water, but he could no longer keep it in his heart completely

The cup cried, his tears and water melted together, hoping to love water again with his last strength

The master picked up the fragments of the cup, one of which cut his finger, and there was blood on his fingertip

Cup smiled, love, what is it?

Do you know how to cherish only after experiencing pain?

Cup smiled, love, what is it?

Should I say I give up until everything is irreparable?

Cup smiled, love, what is it

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