Can Sanda lose weight

1. Can Sanda lose weight

You can lose weight by learning Sanda.

Sanda is actually a part of traditional martial arts training, which means that under the condition of rules and mutual constraints, it carries out sparring exercises. Later, it mostly evolved into a form similar to the double sparring routine, such as Yuejia Sanshou, Taiji Sanshou and Changquan Sanshou. Sanda is a martial arts sport mainly aimed at challenge arena competition, Sanda King competition, Sino Thai confrontation competition, etc., that is Sanda.

Because Sanda uses the ring rules similar to those of foreign martial arts, such as both sides wearing boxers and competing in the ring surrounded by ropes, it is undeniable that Sanda nowadays finds it difficult to find the shadow of traditional Chinese martial arts. Many Sanda players have never practiced traditional martial arts at all, and many who originally practiced judo and boxing practice Sanda very well instead. Many people jokingly say that Sanda is the fist of boxing, the leg of Taekwondo, and the fast fall of wrestling; However, it is undeniable that Sanda is indeed a very practical and effective martial art, and Sanda kicks, hits and falls are all available, which is relatively comprehensive in modern fighting techniques.

2. What are the advantages of practicing Sanda

2.1. Cultivate competition awareness

Sanda is a relatively fierce fighting sport. Facing the attack of fists and feet and skill competition, success and failure, pain and happiness, loss and success must be one of the two. Competition consciousness is the basic quality that all kinds of talents in modern society must have. It can be said that Sanda can cultivate a competitive spirit that is not arrogant in victory and not discouraged in defeat. After a period of Sanda practice, teenagers will become more vigorous and competitive when they enter the competitive ranks of society as adults.

2.2. Improve body shape and shape curves

The unique training method of Sanda can not only make women’s figure curve more perfect, but also make their figure more plump. Long term practice can improve the flexibility and flexibility of the body, and has a certain effect on improving the internal and external temperament.

2.3. Keep fit

Sanda is a kind of martial arts. During the practice of Sanda, all joints and muscles of our body have been well exercised, so our body will become healthier and healthier, and our resistance and immunity will gradually increase.

2.4. Relieve pressure and regulate mood

Sanda has a good effect on controlling emotions and regulating mentality. Martial arts training can enhance the self-confidence of girls, maintain a calm and witty mentality, and be fearless when encountering problems.

3. Can girls practice Sanda

Sanda is a martial arts project that can defend oneself, keep fit and enhance self-confidence. It can effectively improve the flexibility, flexibility and agility of people’s bodies. Especially for women, it can also shape beautiful curves, lift their heads and chests, correct their posture and improve their internal quality. From these aspects, Sanda is a sport suitable for all people to practice, and there are no restrictions on gender. Therefore, Sanda is also a fitness exercise that is very suitable for women.

The best age to learn Sanda

Generally speaking, people who learn Sanda should not be too old, because they are young and have good physical flexibility. Sanda has flexibility. Generally, they begin to learn basic skills at the age of 12, and then gradually learn routines. Their strength and flexibility will gradually improve.

Moreover, practicing basic skills since childhood is very beneficial to practicing Sanda in the future. If you start to learn basic skills when you are older, it will not be so easy. Because the body has been shaped and the flexibility in all aspects is not very good, it may be more difficult to practice.

Modern Sanda has many more regulations than before. Because Sanda is a form of fighting and confrontation, it is more aggressive in all aspects and more destructive. Therefore, I hope that everyone must pay attention to physical safety when studying.

Although there is no great limit on age to learn anything, there are always advantages to cultivate from an early age. The best age to learn Sanda is generally controlled at 12-17 years old. Friends who want to learn Sanda must remember.

What should we pay attention to when practicing Sanda

1. Before studying, you must make preparations

Before practicing Sanda, the preparatory links can not be ignored, such as running, rope skipping, games, etc; All joints should be fully moved to do leg pressing and leg lifting exercises. Leg pressing is an indispensable first link in training classes. When you first learn, you should take your time and never rush. You should avoid injury to joints and muscles due to excessive force during training; Do more than ten minutes of resistance practice, play a dozen by yourself, or let others kick on the face, abdomen, arms, etc. the resistance practice should be from light to heavy, from slow to fast, and never be too eager for success.

2. Relax muscles and strengthen exercises in weak parts

In the process of learning Sanda, the waist is the most vulnerable part of the human body. At the same time, the waist is also a key power axis point. No matter which technology is powered by the waist, it is necessary to pay special attention to the exercise of waist strength in the preparatory activities and exercises. After the preparatory activities are completed, one or two groups should be done with a lighter weight first, so that all parts can adapt to avoid injury, and then the exercise will be intensified.

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