Shake in your spare time and live to 99

“Shake three times a day, live to 99” is a mantra of many fitness people. Tian Dexiang, Professor of Peking University’s medical department and chief physician of the Institute of sports medicine of Peking University’s Third Hospital, recommended that the elderly might as well try this method. As long as they don’t exercise much and stick to exercise, they will benefit.

Trembling is the trembling of the whole body initiated by oneself. Some people even summed it up as “shaking skill”. Its basic posture is to straighten out the chest, stand, slightly open his eyes, and keep his feet shoulder width apart. Relax the whole body, eliminate distractions, and use the heel and knee as the axis to start the tremor of muscles and internal organs in all parts of the body. “Tik Kung” is not limited by time and space. It is also an ideal choice for people who have no chance to exercise at ordinary times. Of course, if the elderly find it difficult to learn “tremor”, they can consciously shake their hands or feet while walking, which can also have a certain effect.

Associate Professor Cui Yupeng of the physical and biochemical teaching and Research Office of Capital University of Physical Education said that during the shaking process, there may be a body stretching effect, which is good for the body. However, due to the lack of research on jitter at present, it is recommended that you exercise moderately, not too frequently, and not too long during jitter. For example, although the basic principle of the once popular fat throwing machine is also claimed to achieve the goal of losing weight through muscle shaking (or shaking), it has been proved that the fat throwing machine is harmful to the body. Therefore, this seemingly simple shake can not be sloppy.

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