Win win strategy of winter whitening + freckle removal

Paris L’Oreal snow whitening and softening Lotion

Paris L’Oreal snow whitening and softening lotion 95 yuan / 200ml

Product information: rich in Pro exiollatine professional rejuvenation factor, it can smooth the skin surface, promote the natural exfoliation of cutin, and restore the transparent complexion. It is rich in melanin block anti melanin factor and vitamin C derivatives, which can reduce the production of melanin that produces dark skin and color spots. The comfortable and extremely light water texture can ease the tightness of the skin, make the skin energetic and quickly achieve moisture balance. Make the skin brighter, more uniform and more transparent.

L’Oreal snow whitening moisturizing cream spf15140 yuan

Product information: flashwhite instant whitening technology, whose pearl light sensitive particles simulate the ability of the pearl surface to reflect light, significantly brightens the skin color when used for the first time. Melanin block (anti black ingredient) and enhanced UVA protection can resist dullness and color spots and keep skin white for a long time. The fragrance free breakthrough is nourishing but soft and refreshing, making sensitive skin feel more relaxed and comfortable.

L’Oreal snow whitening and relaxing night cream

Paris L’Oreal snow whitening and relaxing night cream 150 yuan / 50ml

Product information: combined with tourmaline gemstone and melaninblock’s advanced anti black ingredients, it helps promote the internal circulation of the skin, inhibit the production of melanin, and make the skin glow pink, white and bright every day when waking up. Rich in vitamin E, it can effectively fight free radicals, work all night, and make your skin brighter.

Paris L’Oreal snow double whitening eye cream 190 yuan

Product information: it is rich in peptidocomplex (anti black compound), which helps to improve the deposition caused by poor circulation in the eyes and strengthen the skin around the eyes. The fresh gel texture, rich in caffeine, promotes the circulation around the eyes and significantly reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. It contains the brand-new flash whiteeffect instant whitening effect and significantly brightens the skin around the eyes. At the same time, it can fight against dark circles under the eyes and dullness around the eyes, instantly brighten the eyes and permanently whiten them.

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