Do you have cell phone phobia?

Most modern people suffer from cell phone phobia. Cell phone phobia means that people will feel fear when they don’t have a cell phone. People with this symptom usually feel inexplicable irritability when they don’t have a cell phone.

On the British mobile identity authentication service, securenvoy conducted a questionnaire survey on 1000 Britons about the related content of no mobile phobia. The survey results show that 66% of people will feel uneasy if they don’t have a mobile phone, an increase of 11% compared with the survey results a few years ago.

This result shows that 77% of 18-20-year-old youth and 66% of 25-34-year-old adults suffer from cell phone phobia. At the same time, the proportion of women suffering from cell phone phobia is as high as 70%, and that of men is 61%.

Among these respondents, 25% had an accident due to the use of mobile phones, and 20% had symptoms of finger or wrist pain. If a person suffering from severe cell phone phobia is artificially restricted from using his cell phone, he will be prone to violence or neurotic reactions.

Scientists from Microsoft found that modern digital devices can lead to human distraction. When you rely too much on your mobile phone, you will check from time to time whether there are new messages or calls ignored. Researchers believe that with the development of new technology, the human brain is constantly adapting to new technology, and anxiety and compulsion caused by information overload will lead to a decline in attention. This is called “electronic product dependence”. It is clear that people suffering from “mobile phone dependence” should try to reduce the number of times they touch mobile phones, so as to help them return to normal life. If necessary, seek help from a professional psychological counselor.

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