Women’s favorite simple whitening facial mask women’s favorite simple Whitening Facial Mask

No.1: milk vitamin E honey facial mask

Materials: one protein, one spoonful of honey, three spoonfuls of milk powder, one vitamin E oil.

How to do it: pour one teaspoon of milk powder and one and a half teaspoons of honey together, add a little egg white, and then fully stir them to mix them all, apply them to the face for 15 minutes (avoid around the eyes), and then wash them with warm water.

Efficacy: make skin soft, smooth and glossy. Milk has the effect of anti-inflammatory and whitening skin. It is suitable for neutral skin.

No.2: olive oil freckle removing facial mask

Material: olive oil 50mg honey 20g

How to do it: 1. Put the heat-resistant container containing olive oil into warm water of about 40 degrees, and heat it to about 37 degrees.

2. Add honey to the heated olive oil to mix evenly, and then immerse the sterile gauze in the oil.

3. Take a gauze soaked with olive oil and honey and cover it on your face. Take it off after 20 minutes.

Efficacy: this facial mask has the effects of moisturizing, freckle removing and wrinkle removing. It is suitable for those with particularly dry skin and many chloasma or age spots. Olive oil is rich in vitamin A and beauty acid, which, together with a variety of amino acids of honey, has significant anti-aging, freckle removing and moisturizing effects.

No.3: pearl powder honey Whitening Facial Mask

Materials: 1 tsp honey, 1 egg white, a little pearl powder, 1 drop of lemon essential oil

How to do it: 1. Mix the above materials into a paste and apply it directly to the face.

2. Once a week. After cleaning and washing the face, apply an appropriate amount of facial mask evenly on the face and rest quietly for 15-20 minutes

3. Rub off the slightly dry facial mask with your fingers and wash your face with clean water.

Efficacy: lemon essential oil can whiten, brighten and purify the skin. Pearl powder can whiten both internally and externally.

NO.4: egg white honey facial mask

Materials: one egg and one tablespoon of honey.

How to do it: if the egg is broken, as long as the egg white is put into an open vessel, add honey and stir evenly, and the egg white honey facial mask is finished. After washing your face, evenly apply the prepared egg white honey facial mask on your face, and wash it off with water after about 20 minutes.

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