7 simple actions to maintain longevity

overlook overlooking helps to relax the eye muscles, which is equivalent to doing health exercises for the eyes. The specific method is: on your balcony or on the mountain peak, rotate your eyes regularly and look at the distant rooftops, spires and other scenery. You can rotate your eyes when looking into the distance, keep your eyes moving, and rotate your eyes for 10 circles.

exhale after getting up in the morning, go to a place with fresh air, open your mouth as far as possible, breathe out and then close it. When you close your mouth, tap your teeth gently. This action can stimulate the brain through facial nerve reflection, so that the brain can wake up as soon as possible. Opening and closing the mouth can make more than 40 muscles of the face move rhythmically and prevent facial muscle atrophy in middle-aged and old people. In addition, opening and closing the mouth can make the throat move, keep the eustachian tube unobstructed, maintain the balance of pressure inside and outside the middle ear, and prevent deafness of the elderly.

swallow saliva traditional Chinese medicine believes that when saliva is full and swallowed slowly, it can moisten the five internal organs, nourish the skin and make people live longer. The specific method is to slightly close the lips, relax the whole body, stir the mouth and teeth with the tongue, generally around the upper and lower teeth, from left to right, from top to bottom, gently stir them 36 times in turn, with gentle and natural force, and then press the tip of the tongue against the upper palate for 1-2 minutes, so as to stimulate the parotid gland and sublingual gland to secrete saliva. When the saliva in the mouth is full, rinse 36 times with a puff. After gargling, swallow the body fluid in your mouth in three small mouthfuls.

Moore ears are orifices outside the kidney, which pass through the brain and are the gathering place of meridians throughout the body. Regular ear rubbing can dredge meridians, circulate Qi and blood, balance yin and Yang, enhance hearing, eliminate diseases and maintain health. The movements of ear rubbing include: lifting the tragus, pulling the tragus with index finger and thumb, and pulling from inside to outside. Sweep the outer ear, sweep the ear from back to front with both hands, and hear the sound of “wiping”.

turn the neck long term incorrect posture can easily lead to proliferation and damage of relevant tissues and eventually lead to cervical spondylosis. Elderly friends can do more neck rotation exercises if they have nothing to do. The movement is very simple. Complete the neck flexion, extension, left rotation, right rotation and other movements, as slowly as possible and as wide as possible. At the same time, with the shrug, try to make the shoulder close to the ear, and then put it down.

make a fist according to the theory of the sources of various diseases, holding both hands firmly, like a baby’s, does not let the Qi out, which means that holding a fist can protect the healthy qi in the body and resist external evils. The movements of “ape picking” in wuqin opera and “gathering fists and angry eyes” in Baduanjin all involve fist clenching. The specific method is: put the thumb inward across the palm of the hand, and wrap the other four fingers around the thumb and clench the fist. At the same time, exert a little force on the whole body, and then release it. Repeat for 50 to 80 times. The place where the thumb and middle finger contact is the Laogong point. When you press this point when you clench your fist, it can clear your heart and calm your mind.

stand on tiptoe after elderly friends sit for a long time, it is better to do a “tiptoe” exercise to smooth the blood flow of lower limbs. This can not only avoid the acid swelling and numbness of lower limbs, but also eliminate the phenomenon of blackness in front of eyes and dizziness in the mind caused by sudden standing. The method is to put your feet together, lift your heels, stop for a while, and then drop your heels to slightly shake the ground. Fall together for one time, pay attention to balance, and repeat for 7 times.

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