Fast acne removal with hormones

For many people, appearance is their special focus, especially for women. In life, various skin diseases are common, especially acne. The appearance of acne will be affected and their psychological burden will be heavy. Therefore, many men and women with acne will take various measures to remove acne, and some wrong methods will make acne serious because they do not understand the misunderstanding of acne removal. Therefore, it is necessary to understand these before removing acne.

What are the misunderstandings of acne removal before acne removal?

1、 Removing acne is to remove mites

Many people think that mites will lead to a large number of acne growth, which will occur repeatedly after acne removal, so acne removal is to remove mites. As long as measures are taken to remove mites, acne can disappear. But in fact, in life, acne is mainly young people, and some of their skin does not have mites. Similarly, acne is mainly caused by irregular work and rest and work pressure, so don’t blindly use mite removal products, Some of them will backfire and damage the skin, resulting in crazy growth of acne.

2、 Acne elimination requires continuous oil control

Many people with acne have strong skin oil secretion, resulting in

3、 Hormone can quickly dispel acne and can be used frequently

When growing acne, most people will pursue all kinds of fast acne removing products, and most of the fast acne removing products contain hormones, which will stimulate the proliferation of sebaceous glands, lead to exuberant sebum secretion, cover up inflammation, continue to damage the skin and aggravate acne. The effect of these hormone drugs on acne removal is only temporary. Once stopped using, acne will grow repeatedly, and even cause hormone dermatitis.

4、 Washing your face often can help clean your face without controlling grease

Acne is caused by excessive sebum oil secretion. Acne on the face and excessive oil secretion will give people a feeling of uncleanness and freshness. Therefore, in order to remove this feeling, many people will wash their faces several times a day, but they do not know that washing their faces twice a day is the highest limit. Washing their faces frequently in a day will stimulate sebum secretion. Let the oil on the skin surface be removed, resulting in imbalance between water and oil, which will make the acne grow longer and more.

Warm tip: for people who often have acne, it is necessary to understand these misunderstandings before removing acne, so that they can take correct measures. After all, there are many causes of acne. Only by understanding the causes and avoiding misunderstandings can we thoroughly eradicate and prevent repeated effects.

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