Drinking tea is a happy tea ceremony for anti-aging, whitening and rejuvenating skin. Drinking tea is a happy tea ceremony for anti-aging, whitening and rejuvenating skin

Tea, as we all know, is a good product for detoxification and beauty. After a hard day’s work, drinking a cup of hot tea can relax your body and mind. However, in addition to drinking tea, it contains a variety of ingredients beneficial to the skin, with strong functions of anti-aging, detoxification and hydration. So after drinking a cup of tea, don’t forget to enjoy the tea ceremony for your skin.

Tea ceremony 1: whitening and freckle removing fermented tea, such as black tea oolong tea, contains theaflavins and thearubigins that can remove reactive oxygen species. If the active oxygen species in the body increase, it will lead to the appearance of color spots and the increase of melanin. Long term drinking can help to remove toxins, and thearubicin can also make skin white. Recommended tea: Aloe black tea material: a 20cm long section of aloe, 10g of black tea, and a spoonful of honey. Practice: peel and cut the section of aloe, put it in 1000ml of water and cook it slowly over low heat. After the water boils, add black tea and stew for 1 minute. Add a spoonful of honey after the residue is separated. Efficacy: this tea can improve cell vitality, regulate human physiological function, improve skin luster, and is a good prescription for whitening and beautifying.

Recommended tea: Calendula don’t forget me tea tea ingredients: 5 don’t forget me, 4 Calendula flowers, and 1 teaspoon of honey. Brewing: 1) put three kinds of tea materials into the cup and wash the tea materials with a small amount of hot water. 2) Pour out the hot water and keep the tea ingredients, add boiling water at about 95 degrees and soak for 5 minutes, then add honey. This Calendula don’t forget me tea has the functions of regulating endocrine, clearing away heat and fire, diuresis, detumescence, reducing fat, lightening spots, replenishing water and whitening. Drinking it regularly for a period of time can also delay aging. It is a tea especially suitable for women. It can not only beautify but also reduce fat properly.

Reminder: pregnant women and people with cold constitution should not drink it. Tips: 1) don’t forget me has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, protecting skin and beauty, whitening skin, clearing liver and brightening eyes. Regular drinking can promote the metabolism of the body, improve immunity, eliminate freckles and acne, and regulate the physiological functions of women. 2) Calendula officinalis has the effects of clearing heat and reducing fire, diuresis and sweating, clearing damp and heat, reducing blood fat, alleviating pain, calming nerves, regulating endocrine, promoting digestion, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and treating skin diseases.

Tea ceremony II for skin: Flavonoids in antioxidant tea have high antioxidant capacity, can effectively remove oxygen free radicals in the body, have anti-aging effect, and effectively protect skin from external pollution. Because green tea is not fermented, it contains more catechins and complete chlorophyll and vitamins. The main function of these ingredients is antioxidant, which has a good effect on scavenging free radicals and delaying aging.

White tea only undergoes natural oxidation in two processes of withering and drying, which retains the quality of fresh tea leaves to the maximum extent. It is the tea with the highest flavonoid content. It has strong antioxidant and isolation effects. Recommended tea: white chrysanthemum green tea material: 6 grams of white chrysanthemum, 10 grams of green tea and 3 grams of licorice practice: add all the materials into 1000 ml of hot boiled water and stew for 2 minutes, remove the residue and drink. Efficacy: Chrysanthemum clears away heat and brightens eyes. Green tea has good antioxidation. Licorice can regulate the intestines and stomach. This tea can help skin resist external free radicals and delay skin aging.

The unique tea polyphenols in tea are water-soluble substances. Washing the face with products containing tea polyphenols can remove the greasiness of the face, have the effects of disinfection and sterilization, and reduce the damage of ultraviolet radiation in the sun to the skin. The complex reaction between tea polyphenols and proteins is called astringency. This property enables skin care products containing tea polyphenols to shrink coarse pores, astringe and tighten loose skin and reduce wrinkles, so that the skin shows a delicate and smooth appearance.

Recommended tea: honey lemon green tea material: half a lemon, 10g green tea, and a spoonful of honey practice: soak green tea in 80 degree water, leave it for about 10 minutes, and filter out the tea. Add lemon and honey and stir well. Drink directly or put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration. Efficacy: fresh honey can moisturize and nourish the skin, making it delicate, smooth and elastic. Green tea can resist bacteria and inflammation, promote digestion and improve immunity.

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