Whitening facial mask in the list of whitening and moisturizing products whitens the skin facial mask in the list of moisturizing products whitens the skin

The whitening facial mask in the list of whitening and moisturizing products. Facial mask is a skin care product that is used all year round and will be used for a long time. It can not only ensure that your skin is smooth and tender, but also make your skin more white and ruddy. While moisturizing, hydrating, removing acne and freckles, it can restore your bright look. Below is a list of whitening and moisturizing facial mask to create hydrated, transparent and tender white skin.

Self made whitening and Hydrating Facial Mask ranking

No.1 watermelon egg yolk whitening and moisturizing facial mask

Ingredients: one slice of watermelon, half of egg yolk, proper amount of flour

Easy DIY:

1. Watermelon: mash the watermelon meat, add half of the egg yolk and mix well.

2. Slowly add a little flour to make it paste.

3. Apply it to your face for 10 minutes and then rinse.

No.2 balsam pear moisturizing, whitening and moisturizing facial mask

Material: 1 white balsam pear

Easy DIY:

1. Wash Momordica charantia and refrigerate for about 2 hours.

2. Take out, wash and cut into thin slices.

3. Stick the cut balsam pear slice on the whole face, apply it for 15 minutes, take it off and wash it with clean water.

No.3 banana honey whitening, moisturizing and moisturizing facial mask

Materials: half a banana (it would be better to choose a banana that is about to rot), 1 teaspoon of honey

Easy DIY:

1. Mix honey with banana and mash with a tablespoon.

2. After cleaning the skin, apply the facial mask to your face for 10-15 minutes.

3. Rinse it with warm water and use it every day.


Watermelon is cool and egg yolk has good moisturizing effect. The two are combined to make a Hydrating Facial Mask, which has good moisturizing effect. Watermelons can be bought in summer. Besides the yolk, an egg can also be applied to the neck and hands with egg white, which is both affordable and good. Try it quickly. Balsam pear juice should be drunk, and balsam pear facial mask should be applied frequently! Momordica charantia has moisturizing, whitening, calming and moisturizing effects on the skin, especially in summer, when the skin loses too much water and tends to turn black, it is simple, convenient and obvious to use Momordica charantia to whiten and moisturize. After the sun, when you feel that your face is red, you can use ice bitter gourd to cool down and reduce fever. The effect is very good. Banana is a common and inexpensive fruit in tropical areas, but its nutritional value is quite high. Banana is rich in protein, starch, vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. It is a very good food for people with cardiovascular diseases. Banana is also a good facial mask material for skin. It can mildly clean, nourish and repair skin by directly mashing banana into mud and applying it to face. This facial mask is also added with honey to strengthen the moisturizing function, which is very suitable for daily use of dry and water deficient skin.

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