Freckle removal is actually very simple. Is self-made facial mask effective and cost-effective? Freckle removal is actually very simple. Making your own facial mask is effective and saves money

I believe that all beauties are very worried about all kinds of stubborn spots. The facial mask sold in the supermarket is not very cheap. Even if it has an effect, it can’t be applied every day. Today, Xiaobian teaches you several ways to make your own freckle removing facial mask, so that we can also make our own facial mask!

Winter melon and peach kernel facial mask

Materials: wax gourd seed kernel, peach kernel and honey

Method: dry and grind wax gourd seeds and peach seeds into fine powder, add honey and stir well. After cleaning the face, evenly smear the facial mask on the face and wash it with clean water after 15 minutes.

Efficacy: it has a very good effect of lightening spots and beautifying skin.

Three white facial mask

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of angelica powder, 1 tablespoon of Poria cocos, 1 tablespoon of Bletilla striata, and appropriate amount of milk

Method: mix the above three kinds of powder, add milk and mix well. After cleaning the face, evenly smear the facial mask on the face and wash it with clean water after 15 minutes.

Efficacy: it can whiten and remove freckles, and make skin soft and smooth.

Whitening and freckle removal is a lifelong career for women. Whether you are 20, 30 or 40, your requirements for whitening will not weaken with the growth of age. The trouble of color spots is not two days a day. To remove color spots, we can’t ignore the role of the freckle removing facial mask, which can intensively inject light spot elements into the skin and inhibit the formation of melanin.

Self made whitening and freckle removing facial mask can provide the most natural care for skin, which is safe and direct. You can also choose different blending materials according to your own skin state, so that the whitening and freckle removing effect is more effective! Pure natural materials can help you harvest tender and white skin, save costs and create snow-white skin.

Fresh fruit whitening and freckle removing facial mask

Preparation method: lemon, banana, apple and other fresh fruits can be used alone or together. Squeeze the juice with a juicer, then add a fresh egg white, stir it into a mud, apply it evenly on your face or neck with a brush, and wash it with water after 20 minutes. Vegetable whitening and freckle removing facial mask

Production method: Take 1 / 4 balsam pear, press juice with a juicer together with green pepper and green apple, and drink one cup every day. Then use the facial mask paper to dip in the beauty vegetable juice, apply it to your face, and wash away the knot 20 minutes later. This facial mask is rich in vitamin C, which has a significant effect on whitening.

Tofu freckle removing facial mask

Materials: tofu, a piece of milk, facial mask and paper.

Method: mash the tofu into tofu paste in a bowl, add a proper amount of milk, mix and apply it on your face, and then cover the tofu facial mask with wet facial mask paper to prevent the tofu from falling and strengthen the penetration of ingredients. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes. It can effectively eliminate blackheads, whiten skin, and make skin look tender and transparent.

Sweet potato freckle removing facial mask

Materials: sweet potato 1 egg milk

How to do it: wash and peel sweet potatoes, cook them in a pot, mash them into mud, add egg white and milk, halve them into a paste, put them on your face after cooling, and wash them with water 20 minutes later. It can moisturize the skin, fade dark spots and chloasma, and make the skin white, tender and smooth.

The freckle removing facial mask made by us is not only clean and hygienic, but also can save costs. More importantly, it can also play a very good role in freckle removing!

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