These three self-made freckle removing facial mask completely let you say goodbye to spots? Make your own freckle removing facial mask. These three kinds of facial masks will completely let you say goodbye to spots

1. Tofu milk freckle removing facial mask

The whitening effect of milk is very strong. Milk can be added to the freckle removing facial mask to achieve the purpose of removing freckles through the whitening effect of milk to drive away melanin. Tofu is rich in protein. Tofu beauty can improve the antioxidant capacity of skin, improve the dullness of skin, and make skin very tender and white. Matching milk with tofu is very helpful for removing spots. Put the tofu into a clean bowl, mash it, add a proper amount of milk, stir it evenly and apply it on your face. You can cover it with a warm towel to prevent the tofu milk facial mask from slipping off, so as to strengthen the absorption of nutrients from the facial mask. After 15 minutes, clean it with warm water, and then do the basic skin care of moisturizing. Do the tofu milk facial mask twice a week. If you persist for a period of time, the skin spots will be obviously diluted and eliminated.

2. Sweet potato egg freckle removing facial mask

In addition to its very high nutritional value, sweet potato also has rich skin beautifying effects, which can replenish moisture for the skin, keep the skin smooth, remove melanin and spots on the skin, and play the role of removing spots and whitening. Clean the sweet potato, cook it, and finally mash it into mud. Then add a small amount of eggs and mix it together. After mixing, apply it on the clean facial skin. After 15 minutes, clean manager Gan with warm water, which can moisturize the skin and fade spots in time. Freckle to fight a long battle, you need to persevere!

3. White vinegar salt freckle removing facial mask

Beauties must not underestimate salt. It has a very good effect of diminishing inflammation and sterilization for the skin. When it acts on the skin, it can help the skin to eliminate inflammation and sterilization, and remove acne and spots. Salt is a skincare expert with a very good effect on removing acne and spots. For removing facial spots, beauties can match salt and white vinegar together, which can effectively moisturize the skin while removing freckles. Mix salt and white vinegar, soak the facial mask paper in it, take out the facial mask paper after the salt melts, apply it to the clean facial skin, and wash it with warm water after 15 minutes. Salt is matched with white vinegar, which can better moisturize the skin and make the skin tender while removing spots.

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