Can 14 self-made whitening facial mask nourish tender, white and smooth skin? Make 14 whitening facial mask by yourself to nourish tender, white and smooth skin

This is what I call “one white covers three ugly”. Whitening has almost become a compulsory course for beauty loving mm. There are many styles of facial mask on the market, but the function can not meet the multiple needs of mm. Why not try to design a DIY facial mask suitable for you according to your own needs? How to return your tender and smooth skin? The efficacy of DIY whitening facial mask can not be underestimated!! Now, Xiaobian will introduce several DIY self-made whitening facial mask to you, which will return your tender and smooth skin for a whole season.

DIY facial mask is simple to operate and has multiple formulas, which can meet your needs of whitening, freckling and moisturizing, and safely pass the dry climate in autumn. It’s not difficult to make your own facial mask. Now Xiaobian will teach you how to use simple materials to make a powerful facial mask with whitening function, so as to return your tender and smooth skin.

1、 Homemade cucumber white vinegar facial mask

Whitening materials: half a cucumber, an egg, and a small amount of white vinegar.

Whitening steps:

1. Peel and wash the cucumber, and press it into juice;

2. Break the eggs and add an egg white to the cucumber juice;

3. Add two drops of white vinegar and stir well

Usage: evenly apply the facial mask on the face, avoid the eyes, and wash after about 10 minutes.

Efficacy: this facial mask regulates facial skin, replenishes moisture and nutrients, locks moisture, and whitens white vinegar,

It can soften the skin.

2、 Homemade cucumber and potato facial mask

Whitening materials: half a cucumber, half a potato, proper amount of water and flour.

Whitening steps:

1. Peel the potatoes and wash the cucumbers in the middle;

2. Cut potatoes and cucumbers into small pieces and mash them with a Juicer;

3. Add an appropriate amount of mineral water and filter it;

4. Add flour to the filtered liquid, stir well, and make a paste.

Usage: After cleansing with warm water, evenly apply the prepared facial mask on your face, and wash your face with warm water 15-20 minutes later.

It can not only effectively dispel acne and remove acne marks, but also make the skin tender and moist.

3、 Homemade tomato Whitening Facial Mask

Whitening materials: 1 tomato and 5g starch.

Whitening steps: mash the fresh tomatoes, add a little starch to increase the viscosity, and mix them together evenly.

Efficacy: the rich vitamin C in tomato can remove skin pigment and whiten skin. Its rich acidic juice can help you balance the pH value of skin.

4、 Homemade honey egg white facial mask

Whitening materials: 1 egg white and 20g honey.

Whitening steps:

1. Put the egg white in a bowl and stir until it bubbles;

2. Then add honey and stir well.

Usage: After cleansing, apply it on your face, wash your face in 30 minutes, and do it twice a week.

Efficacy: this facial mask can moisturize and compact skin, effectively remove wrinkles, and make your skin glow again! Suitable for any skin.

5、 Homemade carrot Whitening Facial Mask

Whitening material: one carrot.

Whitening steps:

1. Wash the carrots and remove the skin;

2. Put carrots into a juicer and beat them into juice.

Usage: apply carrot juice on the face and wash after about 20 minutes.

Efficacy: carrots are rich in vitamin A. regular use of carrot facial mask can effectively improve rough and dark skin and whiten skin.

6、 Homemade mung bean powder facial mask

Whitening material: 4 teaspoons mung bean powder.

Whitening steps: add proper amount of water to mung bean powder, stir evenly, and then apply it to your face.

Efficacy: this facial mask can clean the skin and effectively alleviate the symptoms of acne! And this method is super simple, which is very suitable for girls who need to go out to date urgently!

7、 Homemade Tremella Whitening Facial Mask

Whitening material: Tremella

Whitening steps: first boil Tremella into a thick juice in advance and put it in the refrigerator.

Usage: when it’s suitable to go out for a date, smear a little on your face and use it as an eye cream. Tremella facial mask works faster and is very suitable for use before you go out in a hurry!

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