Use antiperspirant lotion to prevent skin diseases in hot weather

Ma Xiaoling, director of Dermatology, said that in general, antiperspirant deodorant products are mainly used to increase the amount of perspiration in the armpits, necks, elbows and other sweaty parts, but only for a small part of the body to reduce perspiration. As long as they are properly applied, they will not cause harm to the body. However, it will be harmful to the human body if we blindly artificially suppress sweating and use antiperspirant lotion for a long time or too often.

Ma Xiaoling said that the human body perspires a lot, which can dissipate heat in the body and expel various toxins from the body through metabolism. Sweat and sebum mix on the body surface to form an emulsion lipid membrane, which has a moisturizing and protective effect on the skin. If you use antiperspirant lotion for many times or for a long time, your pores will be blocked and your metabolites will not be discharged normally. In addition, since the use part is the main perspiration part of the human body, excessive application is still harmful to the human body, especially when many sweat gland functions on the body surface of patients with hypothyroidism and other diseases are affected, the application of such products may cause excessive body temperature, increased waste in the body, and poisoning symptoms. Some people will cause allergies, local skin dryness, etc. if they are not careful, they may have sweat spots, red and swollen skin, pruritus, and even skin pain. In serious cases, they may also cause skin diseases such as folliculitis or sweat gland inflammation.

Experts remind that if you don’t have a sweaty constitution, try not to use or less antiperspirant lotion. If you must use antiperspirant lotion, it is best to try it on the inner side of the upper arm or behind the ear before use. In case of redness, erythema, pruritus and other symptoms, stop using it immediately. Do not use antiperspirant lotion around the wound, otherwise it will cause secondary infection or aggravate the condition.

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