How to identify the quality of children’s towels

inferior towels hide “murders”

In order to make towels feel good, some enterprises add a large amount of softeners. Excessive softeners not only affect the water absorption, but also are not conducive to our health. Softeners may block the fine pores of our skin and affect metabolism. In addition, poor quality softeners also contain harmful substances, which are harmful to health. There are also many substandard towels that have color fading problems. These dyes are transferred to the skin, and the harmful substances in them may be latent in the human body for a long time, which will be bad for the body. In serious cases, they may be allergic or absorb harmful substances. Therefore, when choosing children’s towels, it is best to choose ones that have no peculiar smell to prevent the purchase of products processed by inferior or heavy acid bleaching and dyeing materials.

how to identify the quality of children’s towels

1. Check the moisture absorption of towels:

That is to say, if you put a towel here, we can drop water casually, and the water will immediately seep into the towel without any slippage or diffusion. As for a bad towel, it forms water droplets and does not leak. Moreover, the water droplets can’t hang, and they slide down quickly. We say this is a bad towel because it is too soft and does not absorb moisture.

2. See if the towel is discolored:

Pure cotton towels are usually dyed with reactive dyes. The dye molecules are covalently bonded with cellulose molecules, so that the dye is fixed on the fiber. During the reaction, a part of the dye is combined with the fiber, and at the same time, a part of the dye is hydrolyzed and adsorbed on the surface of the fiber, but it is easy to fall off without covalent bonding. When dyeing dark towels, a large number of hydrolytic dyes are adsorbed on the fibers, which is difficult to clean, so there will be discoloration during the first washing, which can not be avoided. If the light colored towels lose color more after the first washing or the dark colored towels still lose color after repeated washing, it is caused by unqualified dyes or inaccurate dyeing process, which belongs to unqualified products.

how to buy children’s towels

1. Shopping:

Try to choose products from regular manufacturers in professional children’s online shopping malls and large shopping malls.

2. Identification:

Qualified towel products shall be provided with standard identification, and the manufacturer, place of origin, telephone number, trademark, executive standard, washing method, etc. shall be indicated.

3. Feel:

High quality towels generally feel soft, fluffy and elastic.

4. Appearance:

Good towels have bright colors, clear patterns, even loops and neat sewing edges.

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