Choosing silk stockings also pays attention to health

High quality silk stockings should have four major characteristics: breathability, elasticity, strong adhesion and good ductility. First of all, we should breathe. Even in summer, we can discharge sultry moisture. Poor quality silk stockings will make pores unable to relax, affect the discharge of sweat, stimulate skin itching, and cause skin inflammation; Secondly, it should be elastic, which can not only effectively prevent varicose veins, but also stretch to the abdomen more elastically, helping to tighten the lower abdomen and shape a perfect body shape; Strong adhesion, close fitting with skin, transparent and uniform color, strong covering power; The high-quality silk stockings are thermally extended, which are wear-resistant and not easy to pull out. They also have anti-static effect and do not dust.

when choosing a pair of high-quality silk stockings, we mainly look at four points: texture, tone, luster and thickness

feel the texture generally speaking, 100% goose down stockings are high-grade silk stockings, which are smooth, soft and elastic. They are very durable, breathable and beneficial to the skin, whether they are thickened or ultra-thin; The medium-grade stockings made of cored silk materials have ultra-high elasticity; Some so-called “crystal” silk stockings at ordinary stalls are low in price. Most of them are inferior fibers and nylon stockings, which are not breathable and will block the normal breathing of leg skin. In case of long-term contact with the skin, the skin will become dark, dry, or even lose dandruff, making the skin dry.

select a color tone flesh color is an eternal color, which can be matched with various fashions; Gray is natural and generous, and it is better to match plain clothes; Women with beautiful physique may as well choose high-end electronic jacquard socks; Women who prefer sexy and mysterious, or whose legs are not thin enough, can choose black stockings to decorate their legs; If the skin color of your legs is dull and yellowish, please choose lotus root color, which can make the skin of your legs look more beautiful.

look at the gloss only those who can see the skin are good stockings: good stockings, even thick stockings worn in autumn and winter, should have luster, so that beautiful legs can be seen faintly and show a hazy complexion.

select the thickness the thickness of silk stockings is standardized according to “denier”. The higher the d number, the higher the relative weight of the fiber and the thickness. The smaller the d number, the thinner and more transparent the stockings will be.

Before wearing the stockings, polish your fingernails smooth, otherwise you will scratch the stockings. When cleaning, soak the stockings in mild soapy water for a while, gently pat them with your hands, absorb the excessive water with a towel, and dry them naturally in the shade.

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