Whitening and freckle removing self-made facial mask allows you to apply egg skin that can be broken by blowing? Whitening and freckling: make your own facial mask, so that you can apply egg skin that can be broken by blowing

Whitening and freckling have always been the topic of skin care that every girl pays attention to. Only when her face is white and flawless can people feel comfortable. What should people with long spots and dark yellow skin do? How can we effectively whiten and freckle? Today I’ll tell you some simple tips for skin care.

Banana cream whitening and freckle removing facial mask

Put the banana, cream and tea in the refrigerator, crush the banana, then pour the cream and strong tea into the banana puree and evenly stir them together. After mixing into a paste, apply it directly to your face, and wash it with water 15 minutes later. Sticking to it can effectively whiten and remove spots.

Garlic mung bean whitening and freckle removing facial mask

Peel off the garlic and heat it in the microwave oven over medium heat for 2 minutes, then press it into juice with a juicer, and then evenly stir the garlic juice, mung bean powder and water and apply it to your face. I also wash after 15 minutes. This facial mask can not only inhibit acne, but also fade color spots and whiten skin.

Tomato glycerin spot removal

Squeeze the tomato juice into a paste, drop two or three drops of vegetable glycerin, mix it well, put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration for more than ten minutes, and then apply it evenly on the face after cleansing. Persist in using it. After a period of time, the pregnancy on the face will gradually fade away, and there will be obvious whitening effect.

Yogurt honey facial mask

Prepare a tablespoon of yogurt, honey and refined wheat flour, evenly stir the yogurt, honey and refined wheat flour to form a paste, and then smear it on the face and neck. The hand massage should be just right, and then use a warm towel to wipe it ring-shaped from the face to the neck. This facial mask has a good whitening and freckle removing effect.


In addition to applying self-made facial mask regularly, the usual skin care steps can not be less, from moisturizing and moisturizing with water emulsion to sunscreen, repairing at night, drinking more water and keeping more quality sleep. I believe that good skin will be gradually developed.

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