Three rules for eliminating dull skin and fast whitening

Dark skin is very annoying. It’s not a big mistake to have smooth skin but not white and red. When I got up in the morning, my swollen eyes made my eyes half smaller. My dark complexion also made my makeup uncomfortable. I looked terrible. I was so afraid of being found playing all night last night! I really wish I had a first-aid pill. If I eat it, my swollen face will immediately shrink into an oval face!

Step 1: wake up your skin with lotion

Exfoliating liquid: remove old and waste horniness

Use a cotton pad to dip into the keratin solution, massage the skin, and help the skin wipe off the old and waste cutin on the surface. For example, when you get up in the morning, sometimes your face is very dark. That’s because there are old waste horniness on the surface that hasn’t been metabolized. You can choose a lotion with mild ingredients and the ability to remove old waste horniness. The force to wipe the skin should be light, so as not to pull excessively and cause skin injury.

High function water moisturizes skin

Choose a high-performance moisturizing lotion, pat the skin with a warm palm, wake up the sleeping skin, restore the elasticity and vitality of the skin, and then use the gentle slapping action of a warm palm to help the skin recover its operation, make the skin “move” and restore its ruddy color.

Step 2: remove edema and brighten skin tone

Remove eye edema

Choose an eye cream to eliminate edema, wrap the palm around the eye, and help remove moisture around the eye. Some people may drink too much water before going to bed, so they will have puffy eyes and small eyes. You can choose eye cream products that remove moisture to help remove moisture around your eyes.

Brighten the overall skin tone

Choose daily whitening essence to massage the skin with your fingers and give it whitening ingredients. The skin color is dark and dry, and the base makeup is not acceptable. You can choose a daily whitening essence that can increase the skin’s transparency, so that the skin whitening effect can last all day.

Step 3: stay hydrated all day

Choose moisturizing lotion, wipe facial skin with cotton pad, and form a protective film that locks moisture on the skin surface. The facial skin that has absorbed full moisture is already elastic and moist. At this time, it is necessary to smear a layer of moisturizing lotion containing oil on the skin to form a protective film on the surface of the skin, so as to lock these beauty ingredients in the inner layer of the skin.

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