What is the prescription for oily skin washing in spring? Oily skin washing method in spring


It is characterized by strong sebum secretion and is prone to acne. However, due to the good elasticity of the skin, aging is not easy to occur; If you rub it hard to wash off the oil on your face, it will irritate your skin more and worsen your acne and pimples.


Carefully clean the T-shaped part with a strong cleanser.

In order to clean the secreted oil, it is recommended to choose a facial cleanser with strong cleaning power, which can remove the oil on the one hand and adjust the acid-base value of the skin on the other.


When washing your face, put the facial cleanser on the palm of your hand to rub and bubble, and then carefully clean the T-shaped parts, especially the parts with strong sebum secretion on both sides of the nasal wing. For the places with acne, gently circle them with foam, and then rinse them with water for more than 20 times.

Expert advice

For oily skin with acne scars, removing oil with hot water is the ultimate secret weapon.

This is the same as washing dishes with hot water can easily remove oil stains. However, this method is only limited to the use of super oily skin. Continuous use of hot water at 42-43 degrees Celsius for several days can wash the oil stain, refresh the skin, and effectively prevent the deterioration of acne. However, after washing the face, moisturize the skin as soon as possible and carefully nourish the skin.

Wash your face DIY

Wash your face with white vinegar: when washing your face with oily skin, drop a few drops of white vinegar in hot water, which can effectively clean excess sebum, desquamation and dust on your skin, make your skin smooth and beautiful, and reduce pore blockage.

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