How can I make my skin white and attractive? Two milk washing and whitening methods recommended

As the old saying goes, “one white covers three ugly things”. It is everyone’s dream to have white and healthy skin. So how can we whiten ourselves and attract more people’s attention? I soak my face with milk every day.

If you keep going, your skin will turn white.

But stick to it. Bubble stopping is definitely ineffective.

I have a friend whose skin used to be very dark. After he insisted on soaking his face with milk, his skin has become very beautiful.

If you also want to whiten, you may as well try milk to wash your face.

Methods of washing and whitening with milk: Method 1: clean the face with warm water and facial cleanser.

2. Heat the milk slightly, or add a small amount of hot water to the milk, and mix well.

Washing your face with warm milk can promote facial blood circulation and better absorb nutrients in milk.

3. Wash your face with milk and gently massage your skin.

4. After washing your face for 1-2 minutes, gently pat the skin with your hands until it is dry.

5. Rinse with warm water.

Method 2: add salt to milk, mix it evenly and wash your face to remove old dandruff and make your skin smooth and delicate.

You can also take a bath with milk and salt, which can improve rough skin and whiten and smooth the whole body.

The method is as follows: 1. Heat the milk slightly, add a small spoon of salt, and stir evenly.

2. Wash your face with milk and salt, and gently massage for 1-2 minutes.

3. Rinse with clean water.

Milk can whiten the skin when it is used to wash the face, because milk is rich in protein, high-level fat, minerals and vitamins, and is easy to be absorbed by the human body.

The absorption of these materials can greatly improve the texture of the skin, whiten and moisturize the skin, and the high-quality protein and vitamin B2 in milk can effectively whiten the skin.

Milk is a natural whitening and skin care product, so persisting in washing your face with milk can whiten your skin.

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