How to avoid chin acne in summer? Pay attention to the following four aspects!

There are many reasons for acne on the chin in summer. Endocrine disorders can lead to acne on the chin. Because the human body secretes too much androgen, it will cause the skin sebaceous glands to be hyperactive, the oil secretion to be exuberant, and induce the formation of acne. If the cleaning is not in place at ordinary times, it is easy to block pores and acne will occur repeatedly on the chin. Improper diet can also cause acne on the chin. Eating spicy and greasy food will make the stomach and large intestine hot, make the body angry, and easily cause acne.

How to prevent chin acne? Please pay attention to the following four aspects.

1. Correct facial cleaning: wash your face with warm water. In summer, the temperature is high, and the oil on the face is very serious. Washing the face with cold water can easily narrow the pores of the face skin. The oil stain and sweat in the pores can not be washed away immediately, which will make the pores of the skin bigger and start to grow acne.

2. Reasonable diet: in hot summer, everyone likes to eat cold things, which will reduce the temperature of the intestines and stomach, especially in women. This will easily stimulate the uterus, deteriorate the contractile function of the uterus, and cause endocrine disorders, leading to serious jaw pox. Similarly, eating spicy, fried and high sugar foods will also be prone to acne. In order to reduce the occurrence of jaw acne, we should eat more light food, and eat more miscellaneous grains, vegetables, fruits and other foods that promote digestion to ensure the smooth passage of the intestines and stomach.

3. Life care: keep good living habits, don’t stay up late, keep adequate sleep, and exercise regularly. Pay attention to personal hygiene. There are many bacteria on your hands. Don’t squeeze acne with your hands to avoid secondary infection. Comforters, sheets, pillows, face towels and other daily necessities close to the skin must be cleaned regularly. Sunlight can effectively disinfect, and ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria.

4. Spiritual aspect: keep a good mood and don’t worry or get angry when encountering things.

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